Cristiano Ronaldo with another hat-trick tonight for portugal


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Ronaldo is an astonishing goal scoring machine. Never seen anything like him before. Absolutely tremendous.

And I know Messi is equally brilliant in a different kind of way. But this thread is appreciating Ronaldo and not getting into the utter bore fest of CR7 Messi pettiness.


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Scored almost half his goals in the last 5 years aswell. Becoming Portugal all time leading goalscorer in 2014 on 49 goals. Ten years after his first goal.

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That’s just ridiculous lol, good chance he will break the record for that! He’s scored against 40 different countries haha
40 is an incredible number. Serious question though - has hd ever scored against Scotland? Not that he wouldn't be able to take at least 6 of that joke of a national team of ours if we played them tomorrow but can't recall any games against Portugal in recent memory.

If he's not, that'll be the stat that haunts him when he retires...

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Some Irani fella.
Ali Daei - decent player, was at Bayern....however his international tally includes about 30 goals against the likes of Laos, Maldives, Guam, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Lebanon. Of the 109 goals he scored about 15 against teams ranked in the top 100 in the world.


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Interesting thing about Ronaldo is how he developed in to a goal scoring machine when he started off as a tricky winger. If you remember back to his Man Utd days he wasn’t the sort of player who would score 40 goals a season. The older he got at Real it became less about skinning people, long range efforts or running past defenders, he just developed in to this utter poacher in the box. Unreal.