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Hes clearly a co8k womble but i thought he was subdued today, whether it was because his bum chum walker wasn't beside him or the lack of crowd. Hopefully the bosses od SS have had a quiet word with him over his blatant leanings towards the yahoos.

Shengus Malengus

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Thought he was ok, it's his job to build up drama and talk about the game. He's paid to make it more entertaining, not everyone's cup of tea though, I get that.

If we we're 3 nil up at 80 mins, he's not mentioning the last minute equalisers last season.
And if we're just a goal up he only needs to mention it ONCE, not half a fucking dozen times in 20 minutes. He even got another one in after full time when his wish was denied.


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He was and is an utter clusterfuck of a commentator who clearly has a Celtic leaning. God knows why. Ally reigned him in today. Long may it continue.


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I never got to see a single minute of the game but listened to the sky commentary on my phone for the second half.

He was willing Aberdeen on to score.
How fucking many times did he mention Aberdeen’s late equalisers in previous games? He somehow managed to squeeze one in after full time.
I thought he was gonna start bubbling when Considine (sp?)got sent off.

He clearly hates us.
The feeling’s mutual, fat fucker.
Scottish football hates us, are you just realising that?
Not Crocker's biggest fan; but thought the coverage was better than Sky and BT last year.

McCoist on commentary instead of Walker should be miles better, and also Darren Fletcher seems much more bearable than Sutton/Craigan/Stewart.