Crosses and headers

The Pink Panther

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Some dodgy but a lot of very good crosses coming in tonight. I never thought any of the players broke their neck to get on the end of them. Looks like there's a big weakness there. With no Davis/Naismith type linking midfield with attack, we have become reliant on crosses. They're coming in on but no one seems to get on the end of them. I'm concerned about this aspect of our play.


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Tav put in an absolutely sensational ball but Morelos mistimed it, and it hit his chest.

Has to go down as a bit of a sitter.

Zapp Brannigan

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We are set up to get the ball wide and get it in the box. We did that tonight but nobody was close to being on the end of anything. We need runners from midfield, like Windass's goal last week.