Crowd for the cup replay?


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How many do we have in the home CCCS these days! Around 22,000ish? These will obviously go towards the official attendance, regardless of actual bums on seats. With that in mind, I’m going for a crowd of around the 33,000 mark. Any thoughts?
This is a huge game IMO if I was well enough I would be there and I urge as many to go as possible or some no mark wank will say aye the fans never turned up cause it was on tv (a wank channel).


I will be buying my ticket but I’m unsure if I’ll be able to attend unfortunately. Wednesday nights not good for me


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This is a massive game so let's get as many bears there to roar the team to victory and i hope to be among them. Work dictates tho but i will try and get a ticket if i can.


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Killie will probably bring about 2000 - or similar to what Dundee has a few years ago.

Given it’s on a channel very few have I will say 35kish.


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Gerrard saying he expects a 50k capacity crowd last night.
A bear said on a previous thread that Kilmarnock refused to lower the prices at Rugby Park even though it was on TV, and it seems the prices have to stay the same for any replays. So what's that for a basic ticket £27? Big fucking ask for supporters that, who have again been shafted by Rangers hating club's and the authorities. Whatever the attendance it's down to the players, they owe us to get to the next round regardless of a 30k or 50k support


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There will be upwards of 40,000 there and I intend to be among them.
Every time we have a midweek fixture, somebody always comes on here asking what we think the likely attendance will be.

The thread then follows predicting shite attendance numbers and giving all sorts of advance excuses why the attendance will be shite.

The match then takes place and those in the stadium can't see an empty seat anywhere except in the away section.

We are not taigs. We are not the wee diddy club in our city, like them.

Ibrix will be almost full and I, too, intend being amongst that number :)


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Thinking about it, this game is arguably our biggest of the season. From a personal point of view it would be better if the game was on tv, but perhaps it would be best if any coverage was left until the last minute to be announced.


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I’ll be there along with other 2 on friends and family - and looking after myself in the running for priority in semi finals and finals at the same time- just saying
Works out not too bad for me. I’m booked into one of the airport hotels that night as flying to Tenerife the following day, so I’ll be there.

On that note, some travel advice would be helpful. Is the easiest way to get to Ibrox from the airport by public transport just to jump on the express bus to Buchanan street, and then tube to Ibrox?



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This will surely be one of the top games of the season.
A cup tie against decent opposition with an uncertain outcome and the lure of explosive drama.
A cocktail of every ingredient necessary for a high octane one-off game of football.

Further, it isn't on a major football channel.
This is a match that most can only really experience by being there.

I can see us having a forty thousand plus crowd at this match.
Further, it is one of those games where people who cannot afford a season ticket and often miss the bigger matches will be able to go and experience one of the best atmospheres of the entire season.


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Just logged onto my Rangers account to buy a ticket but they are not for sale yet. A bit slow off the mark. Maybe negotiating prices with Killie?

Robert Marshall

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Sadly not me. Already had a ticket for a gig that I particularly want to see, so mobile checking for updates for me.
I always wanted to see Frankie Valli, got tickets for him and it clashed with a European game, guy who got me the tickets asked ' can you not miss a game to see him' my reply was 'I wouldn't miss a game to meet the Queen'
I can always ask elexa to let me listen to him