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I hope we keep Alfie till summer

55 is the main goal this season. If we sell him in Jan it will make it tougher and any replacement would need to hit the ground running and that is too big a risk

If they want him in January we must increase the fee to £25-£30m as January is worst time to lose our best player


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30m in January and we will bring in a ready replacement - that's the primary task of the DoF (or technical director whatever it's called now).

Valley Bluenose

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Thes 4,5,6-0 forecasts are a FF madness.
Very seldom correct but that doesn’t stop the madness.
Then it doesn’t happen and the Gatling gun sprays bullets hitting everyone and everything.
I agree with the rest of your post though.
We’ll keep Morelos if there is a chance of winning the league and/or we’re still in Europe.
I reckon he’ll still be here.
You actually agree with all of my post mate. :) Like you, I regularly rail against the ‘wild’ scoreline forecasts, particularly away from home. Every damned week. Occasionally works out for a home match but, very, very rarely away from home. Even in the days of Smith or Advocaat they were fairly rare. Can only assume those making such forecasts haven’t been watching football for too long,;)

As for the abuse, it often goes beyond ‘acceptable criticism‘ on here, but that’s not for me to address. The Rules are there to deal with it.


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As others have said, if it is a January bid then it has to be £30M as we could potentially be giving up the league and CL spot. If we win the league, then he is a £25M player, and if we come second again regardless of what we want he will prob go for around £15M imo.

Cadzow Bear

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My guess is, the Scottish media will jump up and down, making lots of noise about Alfie leaving over the course of the winter, which makes me confident he'll be here until the end of the season.


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IMO this report is just a load of bull from a Rangers hating media who will do anything to unsettle Alfie because they know the damage he can do to their beloved bheast's title hopes. It's nothing more than a wish of a bheast supporting media :mad:


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The only way I would accept him going is if we have a big name replacement (most likely a loan) to help get us to 55 then assess a proper replacement in the summer.

I also would be looking for closer to £30m.


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Premier League team = Increase the transfer fee by 50%.

But I doubt he's leaving any time soon, he absolutely loves it at Rangers.


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If they or anybody wants Alfredo in January, two stipulations :
£30m at least. This is the going rate, when you see the cost of some of the dross down south.
The deal includes a loan back until the end of the season.
Ideally I want Alfredo to stay, but I hope the board play hard ball on any deal. And we have a replacement lined up.


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I hope he stays until the end of the season and tbh i hope he gets a bigger club than Crystal Palace.

He would be a good fit for them as their options up top are howling but he could easily go and play for a big team in Spain like Valencia Sevilla etc.

Kirbys House

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Even if we get £25m, who are we going to get in January to replace him?
We got Defoe the last January window.

It will be very difficult to replace what Alfie brings to the team if/when he goes but there's still good players available in January.

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Some people on here are crazy lol 35 million :oops: I’d be surprised if we didn’t snatch someone’s hand off for 20 - remember we got 0 bids for him in summer


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My ideal scenario is we hold off until summer securing 55 with Alfie smashing all sorts of records in the process before we sell him for circa 30 million and a hefty percentage sell on.

Then proceed to buy Prevljak and Skov Olsen with about a third of the cash!

Grigo Yossarian

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No chance,mate and I still think he can get a far better move than those two, he'd be better staying and trying to get to the CL with Rangers,he won't get that at these places.
I’d love him to stay Jack.

I was one of those supporting him a year or so ago when others wanted him out or sold, and that was before the disciplinary issue became big.

My concern is his long stated ambition to go to England Jack.


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He was a £20m player last season there has been a real improvement in his game and discipline this season.20 would be daylight robbery if he goes at the end of the season I think there will be a bidding war.


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I would hope that Gerrard and the Rangers hierarchy have contingency plans to replace Morelos in the event that an offer too big to turn down is received. If we are still in a situation of more or less parity with the yahoos at the new year, any decision involving Morelos' future would have to taken only after carefully pondering what the likely consequences of his possible departure would mean for Rangers.


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This is why we really need to fight for every point that available because we all know realistically he's away in the summer. Trying to replace those goals will be a hard ask. Can't see it in january unless it's daft money. The question is how much is potential league glory worth?


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We would probably accept £20m with a percentage of any sell on which is the key. Just look at McGinn at Villa. Strikers are even more of a premium. If he does well (which I think he will), he’ll be worth an absolute fortune being bought from the EPL.

Sweet & Salty

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No way are we rejecting £20m if it gets offered. I would like a 15% of future sale clause added though.

Will be hard to replace Alfie but if you reinvest the correct way it should make the team stronger overall.
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