Curtis Woodhouse puts celtic fan who said we are racist in his place.


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Quite possibly one of the stupidest comments from one of them. A fair portion of our team is black never mind the fact as Curtis pointed out our captain is black.

We certainly ARE NOT a racist club and absolutely 100% not a racist support. Every club and in every walk of life worldwide you can come across the occasional bellend that makes an arse of themselves but that is not a reflect as a whole on a club.

If that were the case then Celtic are a racist, terrorist supporting, child abuse accepting bunch of f**king rats. Which actually happens to be true but they've then just accepted it by making that comment.


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Rangers fans are not keen on Black folk? Seriously what is it with these fools. Mark Walters was hero worshiped by us and still is. Tav the captain. Jermaine, Alfredo the list is endless. I couldn’t care less a players race, religion, sexuality, he wears our shirt he gets my support.


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The worst case of Racism ever seen was their responsibility at Mark Walters. pre meditated racism.
Didn't tommy socialist Sheridan stop supporting them because of what he witnessed


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Not only do we have many black players but quite a few cross themselves before taking the pitch.

So, we've even got the Pope helping us this year, that is how inclusive we are ;)


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Dangerous people trying to force this lie through. Claiming the Rangers support have some sort of subpar morality is a dehumanising technique. All the evidence points at Celtic having the more racist support but we don't go around saying 'Celtic fans are not keen on black folk'. Ridiculous statement.


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They really are the most horrible deluded support in world football.
Responsible for the worst and most shameful racist abuse of a player I have ever witnessed when Mark Walters made his debut but what is also conveniently ignored, swept away, is he was subject to the disgusting monkey chants ringing out from them every game he played against them. These incidents hardly scratch the surface where they're concerned.


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Trump levels of projection from Celtic fans.

While their manager is a racist and bigot, fan-favourite striker is a thumbheided racist, and their fans are anti-Jewish and anti-Protestant bigots who perpetrated the worst incident of anti-black racism seen in Scottish sporting history, they accuse our fans and club or being racist?

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