Daily Record - Helicopter Friday


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We had a bullet header from probably our best ever player to win 9 in a row.

They are having a vote.
we won our 9 fairly and competitively on the field of play.
Nothing else matters to me.

they have the most inept of the inept people working in the football world voting to hand them a title still mathematically there for the taking.


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A reminder , on Wednesday night and yesterday’s paper, Jackson claimed Rangers were on their own and would see no support.

He’s just tweeted this:

Would not be at all surprised if Hibs vote against. Their fans will moan but 2x home derby matches for them are I imagine decent money spinners that they won’t just toss away given the option.


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The difference between Scottish and English attitudes on this matter are polar opposites. In England Liverpool are being trolled by fans and the media because they won't be declared champs. Liverpool (and most European league leaders) have accepted that you can't win a league without finishing it.
Then we move onto Scotland where we have constant articles from apparent journalists ignoring the virus and pleading for the title also whilst completely ignoring any sort of sporting fairness which was rammed down our throats in 2008 and 2012. Chairman's etc coming out with bigoted statements all in the favour of falling in line with Scotlands paedo clan. The media, celtc, their fans they have all given us so many more reasons to despise them. Even staring a pandemic in the face they still only think about themselves.
I seriously despare for Scotland has become an extremely bitter nation that revels in arguing and humiliation, the SNP have installed a nationwide blame and finger pointing game where bigotry and racism shown towards anything perceived as unionist is wholy accepted, they can't get what they want politically so they fill up their time blaming anyone that doesn't agree with their 3rd riech style approach. Football runs this country, our governing body aren't the brightest and gear most things in celtcs direction, certain place people in high roles make alot of difference if you utilise them in the nazi style way the beasts have. The fact they won't revert to their sporting entegrity nonsense tells you how 2 faced the celtc beast is.


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What Jackson seems to forget is we won the league that season on the pitch fair and square we were not awarded it like Celtic could be.


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They will known all over the world in football circles as the team that wanted a league title handed to them when thousands off people were dying ,every other day they had someone out spouting there gums about given the scum the title just shows you what a rancid club they are but we all know that scum off the earth



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So 1 of their titles was handed to them after we were docked so many points that it made us uncompetitive.

4 of their titles came when we weren’t in the league to compete.

And another one now that they’re saying “Awww! Come on! Just give us it!”.

I would have a red neck if we won 9IAR that way.

Exactly how any normal football fan would react. But as has been said on here numerous times - They are not normal.


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Nonce FC and it’s cult worshippers won’t care that normal people see them for the ambulance-chasing shameless filth that they are.

Their fan base don’t care a jot about 5 decades of systematic child rape within their organisation - so the method of obtaining another “title” won’t be given a second thought


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The teams that vote SPFL proposal and awarding soup kitchen f.c. the title should be denied the blue pound....simples


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I just hope we can train hard, make a few good signings and win the vote next year.

Stunning victory this year for Celtic. They will be telling their grandkids for years about the time they got 9 in a row on a vote.

Toss of a coin they have 50/50 but in this SPHell they are falling over backwards tae give them 9.


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Spam face might just be the guy that finally shuts the rhetard down. The guy is a clown and how he manages to put that p*sh into print is unbelievable. Does no one check what he writes? Helicopter Friday! FFS, embarrassing stuff.


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What a weird headline. The streets are empty so there would be rush or need for a helicopter.


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Also, helicopter Sunday usually involves 2 teams that can still win something. There is absolutely nothing to be won here and even if there was there's only one team in it. Sensationalist nonsense pandering.


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Helicopter? WTF

To make any sense it would need to be changing direction and since it's been sitting on the helipad all this time, Jackson has made a basic error in logic that even a kid could point out. When the Retard finally sinks, he should be there with it as a major contributor to its downfall.


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Null and void wouldn’t destroy their 10 in a row dream but being awarded the title on a vote rather than sporting merit will.


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Speaking with my Dad last night back home and his statement was the deserve the 8 1/2 in a row to be fair, sad the run stops given it was won by a rigged ballot )


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Where’s the helicopter? Why is there a helicopter?

There's a few things which have absolutely destroyed the mental wellbeing of "The Celtic minded" in my lifetime.

Souness arriving started it, Johnston signing for us really got the ball speeding down the hill and (our second - since we're all apparently counting unofficial titles these days) NIAR was horrific for them as it crushed one of only two things they "had over us"

At that point they were hurtling over the edge of reality and as the internet came to the fore and allowed people to believe that because they said something it was true. Then our two last day finishes in 2003 and 2005 pretty much blew their minds - particularly the 2nd one. They'd begun to live in that bubble where they couldn't conceive anything they didn't agree with to be true.

Since then, they've lost all sense of normality and decency embroiling themselves in a pursuit of their rivals under the guise of "sporting integrity" which has gone beyond vile and saw the chip they always had on their downtrodden shoulder become a full fish supper.

We utterly consume large sections of their supports every breathing minute as you see from social media where they're the first to comment on nearly every single story concerning us. Some of their lives are actually devoted to writing about us.

As you see from the likes of that DR headline, we're the first thought in their minds as they type. The have wee brother syndrome and it's consumed them.

The Helicopter is mentioned because they are utterly desperate to remove it from their minds and they feel using it in this sort of manner (and trying to refer to any post split title winning game as a "helicopter day") dilutes our 2005 victory.

You also know that they're reading this thread and proving the very point being made. Hello, Declan...


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Whereas I will be telling my grandkids that for some unfathomable reason Rangers were absolutely shite after the winter break.
Yes. And most tarriers will also be telling their Grandkids that, in an attempt to justify being given the league when their own second last game was a draw with mighty Livingston and may well just have been the start of a bad run due to them?


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He’s helped keeping it alive by people buying, reading, clicking and generally giving it publicity.
No Rangers supporter should give these rhats any attention, stop all money going to them. But guess what they can't do it. Same as why is a 20% minority in charge if everything. Cause they stick together no matter what and we much each other for bleeding heart causes. Divide and conquer. We divide and they walk right through the open gap. You need to be principled, maintain and be strong


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Would not be at all surprised if Hibs vote against. Their fans will moan but 2x home derby matches for them are I imagine decent money spinners that they won’t just toss away given the option.
No way, the filth will offer them a couple of freebie loan players to side with them.

Sir Sasa Papac

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They won’t but we know that , and it will be celebrated as 9 , and the media will no matter what still be saying next year is 10 .
This is the crux. It won’t end their nine at all. To us it will. All their media lapdogs will write in glowing form about the wonderful 9 and celtics quest for 10. And it’ll just be accepted by most over time


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The Scottish media don't remember a Celtc-induced ref strike, so they won't give a toss about how they were awarded another title.