Dan Walker to leave Football Focus / Alex Scott appointed


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Genuinely had no idea there was so much hate for Dan Walker or that he supported celtic
I agree...Don't know if he supports them or not but he knows his football and have never had a problem with him in that respect.

Also heard Dan Walker on the radio talking about the above story when he met Tony Foulds out walking his dog and he comes across as a decent guy.


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He's not the only one to be fair but his salary is genuinely unbelievable.

Wouldn't mind if he was a decent presenter but he's not.


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They'll have a hard job replacing him with someone who has a more active dislike for us but knowing the BBC they will manage it no doubt

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Didn’t realise he was hated so much.

What has he been saying about Rangers?
Anything negative he can think of whenever an opportunity arises. Two recent examples:

- Gave it big links over the supporters celebrating 55. Sounded like a script from Pacific Quay CSC. He did that on National (UK wide) news.

- Ran a review of the Scottish season on Football Focus that was a glorification of the scums gallant attempt at Terry Munro. Scarcely mentioned the fact we had just won the SPL title in record time to clinch 55 and S.G's first honours as a manager.

Add that he is thick as pig shit, boring as fook and a future David Icke in the making.
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