Daniel Sturridge is reunited with his £30,000 dog after demanding 'proof of life' video


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Why the feck does he have a house in LA? Granted he's injured a lot but he'll surely not be over there much given he played in England


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But rapper who said he found the pet has complained at not getting a reward

Daniel Sturridge was today pictured back with his beloved Pomeranian Lucky Luccie a day after reclaiming it following a raid on his Los Angeles home.
The former Liverpool star was spotted leaving the $1.3million (£1.03m) property with a companion, before taking hold of the dog and cradling it under one arm as he walked towards his car.
It comes as the rapper who claimed to have found Sturridge's dog with his nephew said that they did not get the $30,000 (£24,000) promised reward.
The 29-year-old offered the sum on Instagram after being left distraught when the pet was kidnapped from his $1.5million Los Angeles mansion on Monday night.
The following evening, however, Sturridge headed down to south LA with friends to collect the prized pooch after the canine was found.
However, after this trip, Killa Fame, tweeted that he received no 'sizeable reward' despite allegedly handing the dog over to the footballer.
'So dishonest', he tweeted, 'found dog Lucci by me and my nephew'.
'$30,000 was just a lie', he also said before adding, 'If I was white, I would of got the reward!'


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Nah sturridge is a knobhead over this... he cried online he'll pay whatever it takes to get his dug back.. " 20gees 30 gees whatever it takes ( his words) when found he gave the guy $400


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That’s some rate of inflation in the first paragraph the house was $1.3 m second it was $1.5m thankfully the story was short.