David Edgar Heart & Hand Live Podcast Last Night

Conlig Loyal

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Count Dankula, who admits to coming from a Celtic supporting background has just dropped his latest vid on YouTube and it's about the Daily Record's persecution of Heart and Hand.

It is with, what can only be described as delight and glee, that he revels on the tables being turned on what he describes as "that shitrag".


So31 South

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I’ve subscribed to you mate, I’ll go back and watch your videos over the next few weeks, you’ve got some great guests how the %^*& did you manage to get them? You definitely should have more views on your videos.
Cheers mate thanks very much. We are on Twitter Facebook and Instagram as well under Blueheart 1872. Give us a follow and please share our podcasts

Atheist Bear

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They’re short staffed and no doubt busy as feck with all that’s been happening. I didn’t see a st Johnstone post match reaction on YouTube either.