Deal for doc in doubt


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There's a player in there but we'd struggle to give him game time, just no way that he's going to force his way in to the starting 11.


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it's a weird one dont think doc would be to keen to be loaned out again.he done it the right way when he went to Shrewsbury he might think he deserves more of a chance hate to say it but it doesn't look to good for him making it with us


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Not the only one wanting him to be a success here but clearly he ain't gonna get chance to at the moment


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Decent player but not as good as we have and in all honesty probably not going to be good enough for us


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Would like to see him on loan for the rest of the season and to be given another chance next pre season. Don't want to sell him just yet.


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4LHAD tweeted this

Charlton have launched a bid to get Greg Docherty on loan for rest of season

Sunderland and Rangers have thus far failed to agree any deal after disagreement on loan payments

Rangers hope to get the player out playing asap - Various clubs interested again


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Ideally you'd want to send him on loan to an SPFL club however I'd imagine the Clubs down south can pay more if not all of his salary.


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As other have said , he need to play to develop his game. His weakest aspect is his forward passing. He needs to play in his preferred position and work on improving . Good luck whatever happens

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still say we should keep Doc, need more midifielders, long season and still in Europe, I think he is actually a good player and just needs some game time.
He cannae be. The manager and coaches watch him every day and he never makes a squad. Reckon he has a first touch like a trampoline. These training games are full pelt and reckon Doc does not show up very well.