Defeatist talk by mcinnes


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A complete skid mark .

As a former player and supposed fan , he didn’t even have the decency to formally let Rangers know he wouldn’t be coming when we thought we had our man .


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Guy is a fuckin loser. As others have just about said, thank the good Lord this man did not become our manager. We dodged a bullet and caught a diamond.
What a way for a manager to talk , no wonder they always bottle it. I would far rather if I was one of their supporters he was bigging it up like Bowie the Kilmarnock Chairman at the start of the season ,where he said he wanted to win the league. We missed a bullet not getting McInnes


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Even if you don’t believe it surely you’ve either got to say there’s one or say nothing.
He’s giving a psychological boost to Tims and showing lack of faith in his own team


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Imagine having this guy as the manager of your club (and I say that as someone who actually wanted him to come in) this is a shocking statement.

Imagine sitting in a dressing room and this guy is talking trying to motivate you all you could think about is how much he clearly doesn’t believe it as you have no chance of success.

If Aberdeen’s board had any balls they’d sack him for these comments, he’s a born loser


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Well, he thinks he has the 2nd best team in Scotland. His guys lie down to Celtic so I guess he has to assume Celtic will run away with the league.

The Aberdeen fans are actually quite happy being losers. Especially to Celtic.

He's a failure and always will be one.


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Man is a prick and never a bear and would take the taig job tomorrow if fritzl was stupid enough to offer it to him.

And his son is a prick also.


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His team is 4th yet only 3 points back of us and celtic. What a losers mentality. I suppose when the only way you can beat them is because they dont want us finishing 2nd and you're happy with that you'll have that mentality and imagine no one else can challenge them. Can't imagine Aberdeen fans would like hearing that either


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The main thing that’s really annoying me is that we’ve not managed to put these sheep sh@gging (unts to the sword this season. I get angry every time he speaks.


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He's a born loser. Imagine being an Aberdeen player and reading that? They're very much in the race too (even though they've been crap) yet according to him they may as well raise the white flag. I was so glad when he chickened out of the job at Ibrox and nothing that's happened since has convinced me I was wrong.