Defoe back in training today

The Submariner

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Top player and a top guy. Standards he has matches the gaffers, massive player next season
That's the difference in the footballing generation thought, Devor, Gerrard, Lampard all looked after their bodies because they loved the game they play, the money wasn't the driving factor.
The current generation take the contract, accept the money and couldn't give a %^*& about their careers.

I appreciate this isn't all footballers.


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If I was a young striker at Rangers right now I would be absolutely buzzing to have Jermain Defoe around the place. Any young player with any determination and pedigree and hunger for the game should be in about him and the likes of Steven Davis and Scott Arfield to name a few, these opportunities dont come around all too often to have access to players of that experience and quality.

It certainly is exciting times around Rangers just now. Even now I'm still pinching myself at times to make sure Steven Gerrard is really the manager of our club.

Govan loyal

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i think even with the sale of alfredo we would struggle to buy any1 with the ability defoe has. hes priceless with his knowledge of the game and hes deadly infront of goal. am more than haooy with him being our no9 for next season.