Delusions of grandeur


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He has played 150 games in serie A and 20+ for Uruguay, so he's no mug.
His photo led to ridicule on here, so he's achieved clown status on FF. He certainly in no Cole, but he be praised on FF if he played for us.


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I saw one of them saying the other day that he’s the best player in Scotland bar none.

I think it’s their way of self-soothing because they’re so shit at the moment, it’s something to cling on to being ‘the best’ at because there’s nothing else, despite it clearly not being true.

I’m not saying the guy is good or bad, but I think he’s got one goal and no assists in 8 games, failing to win in 7 of them and conceding 17 goals in the process.

There are no numbers at all to support that he’s good at attacking or defending. Imagine comparing those stats to Barisic nevermind Tav.
I will clear this up for them/us

Laxalt is their best player, therefore they seem to think he’s amazing, but he’s actually just average and the rest of them are pish.

conceded a %^*& tonne of goals, no assists and his only goal came from a very poor defensive error.

Borna Barisic all day for me. A proper left back, not a left winger


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Absolutely tragic, this is like when I tried to convince myself that the likes of Ian Black and Emilson Cribari weren't totally shit.


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The wee specky gimp is playing LB in a back 4 after Lennon changed formation

Laxalt is a shite defender. He seems not bad at running about but his delivery isn’t great

Same as Limpdong as RB

Both are defensively shite

The Tarriers love to try an big up bang average players as cult heroes and no doubt he will be the next best thing in Scotland

They are deluded and a bunch of sad phuckers
Limpdong lol That really got me, using that one!


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This is remarkable how they’re bumming Laxalt up, but pleasing that they rank such and ordinary player so highly.

Who’d you have last out of Laxalt, Tav, Barasic, Bassey?

As for the comparison with Ashley Cole, this makes me think it might be an undercover Bear, such is the ludicrous nature of this claim.


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He looks their best players which doesn't say much because they are woeful. Other than his running about he's not effective in the role. Delivery is poor and he's constantly caught out. Plus Milan won't be letting him go for cheap so doubtfully they'll be paying a good few million for him. Find it quite funny though that since he's arrived they've only won two games lol Can't imagine he'll be wanting to sign he probs won't come back from Milan away.


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From a tweet in reply to that:

tane him for a Pizza Hut tae get him onside but he’s seemingly no interested"

Why is everything they say and do so fucking creepy man.
Hahaha, I was just coming on to comment on that tweet too. I was pishing myself when I read it, actually thought it must be a Bear at the wind-up! Broonaldo and Laxative swanning off to Pizza Hut together so that Laxative can be brought into the fold? Comedy gold.


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Hahaha, I was just coming on to comment on that tweet too. I was pishing myself when I read it, actually thought it must be a Bear at the wind-up! Broonaldo and Laxative swanning off to Pizza Hut together so that Laxative can be brought into the fold? Comedy gold.

Honestly, like two 12 year olds on a first date. Wonder whose parent picked them up.


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Given who his team mates are, it would be easy for a shite player to look world class.


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Well, %^*& me sideways 'till Thursday. That's it then. If Garybhoygreen says this lad is good then I guess he must be.


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As was once commented by a Fellow FF'er.

They see themselves as some deep poetic, champions of the oppressed, when really, the rest of the world just sees them as pure fannies.

Well done GarryBhoy.
Fucking tremendous.

tottie beck

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Every time I see this dude it makes me laugh. if he thinks dreads and NHS specs gives him a cool look then surely his judgment must seriously be up to question

He reminds me of Ivy the Terrible from the Beano :)


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Laxalt is the new Ping-Pong hyped up to ridiculous levels cause of a few half decent games against poor opposition.

Even if they could afford his fee which they can't he's probably on about £60,000 plus a week and won't take a drastic pay cut to join them.


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It shows how far they’ve fallen that they’re trying to make this wee burd out to be some hidden gem.:pShe’s a bang average full back with very little end product who’s currently looks fitter than her teammates due to Lennon’s caveman training.She’ll soon be as off the pace as the rest of them and still with no end product.

Takes a nice shy though..:rolleyes:


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He reminds them of Larsson in bygone days with his hair. They now try and convince themselves he will be genuine quality.

They are a cult with weird cultist practices. They also see Jesus Christ in bits of toast and potatoes nat.


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Said after we beat them that he looks like he’s talented enough to play in our league. He’s also been their only chink of light in what’s been a disaster for them so far, so it’s little wonder that signing him at Xmas will be a small sweetener for them.

That being said, he still wouldn’t get on our bench.


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Ffs I had no idea he was nearly 28 :))

Since he’s came into their defence, they’ve only won 2 in 8 and shipped about 18 goals.

More a case of him being less shit than the rest of their team at the minute.
I think that is probably a fair assessment. I don’t watch scum games unless they are playing us or I hear they are getting pumped then I will turn over and enjoy it. In any of the minutes I have watched I have never seen him put a quality cross into the box like Tav and Borna do regularly in every game.


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Him and frimpong are the reason they are leaking goals all over the place. Neither really want to defend and both are midgets so teams know they can get at them with cross balls and diagonals


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He’s played eight, part of a defence that’s shipped seventeen in eight, has zero assists, one flukey goal and three yellow cards. Let them crack on, he’s utter shite