Dembele & Shaqiri out on Thursday


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Great news. He might be an absolute lady's front bottom but Dembele is a good player.

Was impressed with him on Sunday although not sure what Strasbourg are like as a level of opposition. Took his goal very well although keepers position was off imo.

Could do without the fanfare of him playing as well, particularly if he was to go on and score.


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Has the news from last week that 4 were ruled out including Paqueta been debunked? French “expert” on Clyde was talking about him being the main threat on Thursday


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Dembele being out would be good news, especially if we've got a makeshift defence.

In saying that it'd be good to get one over on the lady's front bottom.


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Was shakiri not doing an interview saying “he has no fear playing in front of Ibrox crowd”

surely he would know before this that he couldn’t travel??


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I believe he’ll be available to play

Helander definitely not though

so the rumours go
Yeah even if Helander did have quick and successful surgery today (like the stories suggest) there's no way he'll be healed, rested up and then ready to play on Thursday. That's a given.

I'd be happy to see him back for start of October if I'm being realistic.

I really do think Goldson will make the difference for us getting something from the game on Thursday night.

I'm not really wanting to criticise Bassey because he's a trier and never hides and I know he has a lot of critics anyway, but for me that one change (Goldson for Bassey - if Bassey were to play there) will make the difference.

The rest of the team kinda takes care of itself.

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Dembele away got an eye test!

Something up with they peepers of his.