Derby Dilemma - who to watch today? Arsenal/Spurs or Lazio/Roma?

Which game to watch?

  • Arsenal/Spurs

    Votes: 46 43.8%
  • Lazio/Roma

    Votes: 59 56.2%

  • Total voters

Blue As

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North London Derby for me.
(See them saying on Sky that the game wasn’t sold out) :oops:


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Will try and watch the NL derby.

Then the fifth rendition of “Arsenallllll Arsenallll FC, we’re by far the greatest team….”

Will have me turn it over.

Rangers daft

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Arsenal and spurs are utter garbage... Could make for a high scoring calamitous affair. Having said that I'll be watching the Rome Derby instead


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Best atmosphere I have ever experienced was a Rome derby in the 90's.

The noise was something I will never forget.

Have also been to Spurs v Arsenal a few times. Decent atmos but way behind other derbies.


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Italian Sunday football gives me the fear, meant I had kicked the arse out of it the night before and too skint to go for a curer.
Heading out so will miss both but London derby for me.

55 and counting

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Roma game. They've started well and Abraham looking really good. I have always liked Jose hope he's successful again in Rome.