Do you believe Rangers are refereed to a different standard from other teams?

Are we refereed to a different standard from other SPFL clubs?

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Bowery Boy

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This isn't a carry-on.
This is serious and if you cannot work your way through the conclusive evidence on your own, then it is worrying.
I suggest you look again.
This isn't knee jerk one-eyed bias from supporters who can't properly see through their blue-tinted specs, this is evidence-based and the evidence isn't being compiled by Bears, it is there recorded on the SFA's own statistics.
He's another troll. Doesn't believe that BBC Scotland are biased either. His head is planted firmly in the ground.
My point stands . It has been proven . No matter who you support you will believe that referees have it in for your club. It is nonsense. The fact is that referees are brutal but what chance do they have ?
I dont see a brutal standard of reffin a lot of these guys are pretty good referees. This stuff about shite refs is daft the standard isnt bad at all its probably as good as its ever been. Bad refs would upset the Celtic board and the press guys but it never really happens.

The truth is they are not only good refs but also very good cheats Craig Thomson is an expert on how to manipulate, influence and corrupt games. Hes good at what he does and sadly for Rangers the other refs have either been told to watch and learn or have simply decided to use the same style to survive.

Call it loser talk if you want but there is absolutely no way Rangers are winning that title next season. Theres too much corruption and its not just the refs, linesman and 4th officials are always fired up to "do the job" too.

No Mercy

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We were an outstanding football team, for the most part, during the nine-in-a-row era, under DA, often with McLeish and for a second spell with Walter...during nine-in-a-row they were good under Burns but decent and mostly average otherwise.

Currently they are not 'outstanding', no where near it. Even when Brenda got them up at a high level within the Scottish league they were awful in Europe...something were only on occasion.

So, is it any wonder then when Bears are increasingly angry at the strong-arm tactics and disgraceful dangerous tackles we regularly must deal with whilst are not allowed to give back ? This regularly destroys us in games.

That's my take on it at least. We are handicapped severely in competing against the majority of the league's hammer-throwers again and again. Do you think Aberdeen would have seen all those reds yesterday against us with Thompson in charge ? They've been given free reign to kick fvck out of us all season. Yesterday ? Buckled and shorn of their major tactic because it was the taigs...Us ? It would have been open season all over again.
Yet people were on here saying that the challenge on Christie yesterday wasn’t even a booking
Refs are shite and always have been. It’s only when we’re not winning that the conspiracy theories come out


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We are refereed so biassedly at times it is beyond belief and the SFA are turning a blind eye to it all and ensuring that one team in particular is going to win the league year after year . The compliance officer is a joke and the supporters are being conned out of money by paying to watch “ fair play “ and by putting on bets on their team to win which does not happen as often as it should due to twisted officials in many cases . At the moment Scottish football is corrupt and requires a clear out from top to bottom and replaced with impartial honest people at the top .


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Yet people were on here saying that the challenge on Christie yesterday wasn’t even a booking
Refs are shite and always have been. It’s only when we’re not winning that the conspiracy theories come out
Some of the very worst refereeing came in 2008, a year that we won both cups, reached a s European final and only missed out on a league title on the final game.

Your post is utter nonsense, there have been plenty of threads after winning complaining about the referees.

I'll ask you the same as every other bore who tries on this 'wouldn't be saying this if we were winning' garbage.

Simply post us the decisions that have gone in our favour or against the child abusers.
You claim it's all above board, I urge you to prove I'm just a conspiracy crackpot.

I'll bet you can't...


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I’ve said it before, someone, either officially at the club, or unofficially released but originating from the club and released via The Copland Road or something should be released after every game highlighting the out and out cheating we face in every match. It really wouldn’t be hard as there will be a ton of incidents.


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I didn't think it was as much of an issue, but this season it's been noticeable.

The moment I was certain it was a farce was when Candeias got sent off for "making gestures" after being put in what was essentially a headlock by Ferdinand at St Mirren.

Only a Rangers player could score a winner, be grabbed by an opposing player after it, and be sent off for it. The weeks that followed and the outright lies about what the cameras clearly showed had happened were madness.

And what became of Willi Collum? Well yes he didn't ref another Rangers game, but since then he has reffed 3 Celtic games (all away wins) and an Edinburgh derby. All of this despite his blatant inability to admit what happened.
I used to work for the same company as Andrew Waddell. I remember once being in his company when he quite openly admitted that he would always book the Rangers player after his first foul to show everyone he was in charge. I've alway said that if a referee doesn't treat both teams the same then he is cheating. Waddell may have done it out of arrogance but the current crop do it to protect the money they get for every game. Anything for Rangers or against the taigs sees them in the media dock so they don't do it. For me it's not anti Rangers or pro celtic but just preserving their golden goose. Either way two sides aren't being treated equally so in my eyes it's cheating!


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Simple fact is if we were winning shit like this wouldn’t appear on here.
It’s not a coincidence they believed all this shit when we were winning everything in sight
Even when we win we see pathetic decisions from refs

Morelos missed a semi after being taken from behind late in front of the ref - no foul, no card and Morelos booked for complaining with no getting in the refs face that plenty get away with


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There is no doubt this season that referees / linesman have ensured our players have been booked or sent off for the most trivial things and their thugs have escaped cards for challenges bordering on GBH. Refereeing decisions have cost us points this season and they have gained points from them. When the ref doesn't get us the compliance officer does. The compliance officer doesn't seem so keen on watching the re runs of their games tho.
personally speaking i couldnt say 100% either way.
i dont watch every game every week as thats the only way you could possible say without doubt.
But do i reckon scottish ref's are absolutely chronic in their duties 100% on that without a second thought.

the refs here are bulletproof from anything that resembles criticism, the sfa in turn have set out the rules to punish anyone from player to manager for daring to question their sheer lack of ability.
Dont get me wrong ive seen us on the receiving end of some howlers and that's putting it mildly, especially brines when he was carrying the whistle.
I’ve voted yes. There is definitely a discrepancy in the way results affecting us are referred. It’s not so much that we are refereed to a different standard (although there are LOTS of examples) it’s that teams playing us are refereed differently when they play us, they could get away with murder. Almost the opposite of the team across the city. They get away with murder while whoever they are playing are refereed normally.


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I hate conspiracy theories, but this one is true, and it's compounded by the fact that the green and white are also refereed to a different standard in the opposite direction. What they get away with is criminal, and every team playing against them seems to suffer.
Just ask John Beaton after we had soundly beaten them fair and square.

The outcry and outrageous levels of scrutiny went on for nearly a fucking month.

This after he had actually had a good game for a change.

That puts pressure on any referee for future games , there is no denying it.

This all started when the L.B was last in charge at the piggery and has continued to this day.[/QUOTE

started with user bigoto M O'Neil
I was down at my local team's most recent match and the thing I noticed with regards to ref's and general conduct is the fact that opposing teams seem to have a lot more hate for us than anything else I have seen in football. They have been allowed, almost encouraged, to let this hate brew and spew onto the football field and get away with a lot more than I would expect to see given it being against any other team. A point that proves this is the Ferguson tackle in sundays cup game, that happens against us and I'd be expecting a yellow at most. If the perp wasn't Ferguson but instead a bit of a green and grey mongo then i doubt there would even have been a card - there is enough evidence kicking about he gets away with similar stuff on a regular basis.

What has happened in my opinion is that if normal refereeing was at 0%, we then are reffed harsher to -10% and others more lenient at +10%. So therefore although the change individually either way may not be too dramatic the overall difference is quit noticeable (if you understand my rabblings!)
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I think Celtic and Aberdeen get away with absolutely everything and I think Rangers and Hearts get nothing from referees.

I don't think the vendetta is against one club (us) per se, i think its more against a perceived to be similar group of people.