Do you even get nervous playing them anymore?

wee bud's pit boots

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Yeah, I still get nervous and always will.

Definitely nervous when Turnbull burst through, 18 seconds into the second half.
Definitely nervous when young NP made his only mistake of the game.
And definitely on edge at the penalty.

I love OF games, after the fact.


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Sure do and the day that I'm no longer nervous will be the day that football will have lost its appeal. There are not many games that get you both excited and nervous in our little backwater so thank God, despite all the shite surrounding the fixture, we have OF games.


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I have never been more certain that they weren't scoring against us than yesterday. Even after the penalty was awarded I didn't think they would score. I don't think their players look like they believe in themselves when they play us anymore.
I sat with a mate and wasn'teven angry at the penalty I told him where he was putting it and McGregor would save it. I genuinely felt had they scored we would have upped it and got another


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I was pretty relaxed yesterday till about the 60 mark,I felt we were giving them to much space and not closing them down,The fact the game was all but won and a goal for them could have changed the game I was just getting more and more restless,The penalty save just calmed the whole mood down again.


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Was watching game with my son having a beer or three, half way through the 2nd half a let out a yawn, i was as comfortable as the team were.


I was that nervous yesterday that I ended up taking my maw out shopping at the forge because I couldn’t sit still!!
Won’t matter how much better than that mob we are I’ll always have the pre-game nerves but they got settled pretty early yesterday. Cheers Steve Davis x lol


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As strange as itl sound I'm more nervous if we go 2 against them compared to the 1. They score at 1-0 and we still try play football. They score at 2-0 and mentality is defend what we have. That's no just aimed at us. See it all the time when teams play teams who's at a closer level to them than others. Seen managers on the sidelines screaming for his side to push up so alot of the time there not sitting back because there told too. If 2-2 happens then in most cases the side who was strolling it at 2-0 ends up loosing if a 5th goal gets scored.


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Always nervous. We are a better team than them, but we give them too many chances. Much as I enjoy watching our goalkeeper making those saves, I would much rather he didn’t have to.


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Sort of. Take yesterday. Knew full well we'd scud them but still had them nerves of doubt. Not as bad as the Pre Gerrard days though!!:rolleyes::D


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I've been the exact same for every game versus them bar, I think, the first one at the piggery.

Relatively and comparatively speaking, I'm totally chilled when things are level and confident we'll put things right if there's a blip. Obviously the usual manic fist pumping when we put one past them and celebrations when we slay them.
My only real concern is the fear of our players catching something with limited social distancing.


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Before kick off I was nervous yes, however as soon as it started, I realised the lads had it. I need not worry and to be honest, the players have earned that level of trust.

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Theres been games this season where ive not been nervous in the build up but still get it in the couple of hours before the game. but i also think if we start getting too carried away with ourselves and dismissing them before weve played them, its setting yourself up for a fall and exactly the attitude thats cost them this season. - caveat that i know were no actually playing them but still..