Do you think we can get Gilmour on Loan?

Should we try for Billy Gilmour for a seasons loan ?

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He may have a greeat Euros , which may make Chelsea change their mind , or elevate him to an EPL loan only .

He is a quality player , it him and Nathan that will entice me to watch Scotland and may even have a wee hope they win.

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Well, he's no Paul McStay so to speak, but in a choice between him or Calum McGregor, I'll go with Billy, or maybe not.


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He has a good Euros then he’ll probably be on Chelsea’s bench for most of the season and will get lots of game time.

They will see him as an important part of the match day squad.


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Some people slag off the standard of football in Scotland by saying it is too rough and tumble e.g. refs let too many fouls go unpunished under the guise that 'it is a contact sport', fouls that would get punished in other leagues don't get punished here so it is more dangerous to send youngers here as they might get a bad injury from one of the hammer throwing bouncers at the other clubs, like Scott Brown injuring that young Hearts player and many other examples.

But Riyad Mahrez said that his trial at St Mirren helped toughen him up a bit, so clubs might like sending youngsters to Scotland for a short period to toughen them up slightly.


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Can't see it and tbh a don't really like the loan system developing someone else's player for there benefit. I can understand he's turning into a right good player and would no doubt improve us, but unless we can't buy someone in there then fair enough but I'd much rather not loan anyone if we can avoid it. Plus his wages and a loan fee will put any move to us a no goer imo.


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We need to bring in some quality reinforcements in midfield this window & the young lad certainly fits the bill.

So I voted Yes or No.


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I’d imagine Billy himself wouldn’t have a problem with it.

But would assume he’ll be loaned to an EPL team next season, if at all.