Do you want that lot next?


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No. I want them knocked out tonight. For the next round my heart says Arsenal because I live in London and I’m a selfish bastard; my head says whoever we are most likely to beat. Either way, it’s nice to be in this position.


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European football is for ties against opposition you don’t normally face.

Also, %^*& those rancid pedo harbouring bastards.


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No although I would be confident with foreign refs and VAR honestly think we would progress .
But its a European tournament obviously don't want the Favourites till the final but Man Utd would be a draw I would like .


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No stuff co efficient piss cmon Copenhagen
Can u just imagine (un)FARE they would want to body cam and mike up every Rangers supporter and fine us if we say the word green
Just wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience n more trouble than they mhankie mob deserve
Imo Europe should be a reward for fans and players and having to put up with their victim playing vile stench that comes from the unwashed I would rather not put OUR club through such vile horrible experience but thanks anyway
Cmon Copenhagen


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IF they get through tonight I want them, we have the beating of them, they know it and we know it and it will soften the blow of their tainted 9

OP a big yes from me IF they are in the draw


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id like to see how we'd fair against then with ubiased officials and VAR, going by the last game we'd have had penalties galore and many a red card for them.


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No I want that lot to go out tonight so I can lol at them.

Rangers the only Scottish team in Europe.

Wand Of A Right Foot

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No Bobby Madden etc, oh yes give us the filth that would be even more exciting than any english side.

Knocking them out of europe would be fantastic.
Maybe the Gerrard effect would seduce a foreign ref, world famous name, as long as it’s not one of those plastic ones who has grown up on stories and wanked over the ‘hoops’.

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