Does anyone have a Grandparent older than Rangers?

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Edit for those who think I've lost my marbles rather than being a little bit drunk and thought I meant a living grandparent.

Does anyone on FF have a grandparent born before Rangers' formation?

One for the oldies of FF. Unlikely, but a possibility if we have a decrepit FFer.

I was thinking about my old Ma this morning and it came to me that her mother gave birth to her at the age of 45 in 1931. That would mean Rangers were only in existence 14 years when she(Granny) was born.

It sort of amazed me that I had such a close relative within touching distance of the great birth.

If nobody has a Grandparent older than the gers, who can claim the closest?
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I was born in 1990, Granny in 1942 and Grandad in 1945.

My great granny was born in 1911 and great granda was born in 1909.

Always think it's mental when speaking to older people and them telling you about their gran & granda born in the 19th century, being alive during the American Civil war, Pig War, Boer war etc.


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Crazy article I read recently along the same lines...

CHARLES CITY, Va. -- John Tyler was the first vice president elevated to the presidency on the death of the chief executive and the first president to marry in the White House. Nearly 175 years later, two of his grandchildren are still around.

Harrison Ruffin Tyler, 89, is one of two living grandsons of President John Tyler, who was born in 1790, one year after George Washington was sworn in as president.

Just three generations -- President Tyler, his son Lyon Tyler, and grandson Harrison -- span almost the entire history of the United States.

We met Harrison and his son William at President Tyler's Virginia estate. We asked William if people find it hard to believe that his father is the grandson of the 10th president.

William and Harrison Tyler CBS NEWS
"I find it hard to believe," he laughed. "I think it had to do with second wives."

Here's how it happened. John Tyler became president in 1841. He had eight children with his first wife, who died while he was in office. At 52, he married 22-year-old Julia Gardiner. They had seven children, for a total of 15 -- the most of any president. He was 63 when son Lyon Tyler was born, whose first wife also died. Lyon also had a very young second wife, and was 75 years old when Harrison Tyler was born in 1928.

William showed us around Sherwood Forest Plantation, a home President Tyler renovated with his wife Julia in mind. She was 30 years younger and liked to party. William says the house is also haunted. He showed us a spot on a wall where you can see what looks like a young woman.

"You can see the curls coming down and a bonnet on top of her head," he said. "It's clearly a young girl, there's no doubt."

The ghostly image remained even after being painted over.

John Tyler served in the House, Senate and as vice president before becoming president. His biggest accomplishment was the annexation of Texas. But political ambition does not run in the family.

Both William and Harrison joked they don't want that job. "I know better," William added.

So instead of making history, William prefers to preserve it.


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I think my grandmother on my Dad’s side (he was the youngest of 11 children :eek:) was born in 1890, which is as close as I can get with grandparents
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My dad was born in 1923. His father who died two years later was in his fifties so I think almost certainly. I will check. I have old Hector's birth entry somewhere.

Yes. Hector MacLean XXXXX of 10 Hozier Street died in Bellshill hospital in November 1925 aged 59 which would have meant he was born in 1865 or 1866.
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My great grandfather, who was a Bear, lived to the ripe old age of 96.

He was born in 1890, so Rangers had only been going 18 years at that point.

To put it into perspective, that’s like from 2001 until now - the games against PSG for example would be some of the first we’d ever played!


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Nope mine were the 30s and 40s. Although i was born the year of the first of 9iar.

Ive seen some highs. Ive seen our biggest ever low. 55 will be our grandest day.


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My granda was born in 1906. I’m 60; so there could easily be someone alive who fits the criteria.
There will be loads alive I would imagine. My grandfather is still alive and he's 98. His grandparents were born in the 1850/60s.

Doubt many of the are FF forum members right enough.


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All my grandparents and great grandparents had no time for football.

Too busy escapin the famine.