Does this group of players have what it takes to win on the 29th?


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After watching that tonight I’m not feeling too optimistic. Too many go into hiding and the midfield simply isn’t strong enough or good enough to open up a tight defence.

Desperately need players back fit or bring in a couple of quality players in January to make the difference.

I’ve watched rangers teams in the past and watched them play bad but still manage to win ugly. This team seem to find it hard to win ugly.


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Let's focus on the games before first. We have to win the next two games against relegation candidates. Absolutely have to and with no Morelos as well.


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Anything is possible in a one off game but if Celtic play to the best of their ability then I don't think we have what is needed to beat them


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In one game sure. They've not exactly been on their best away from home in the league either, we were a foul call on Jack or Ejaria growing a pair and taking a yellow for the team from getting a point at their ground earlier in the season so no reason we couldn't beat them at Ibrox but i wouldn't make us favorites, certainly not if we're constantly having a man off form in our midfield as well


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Our midfield is still woeful compared to theirs.

Defensively and in forward areas we aren’t miles away but their engine room is far superior.

That’s not to say we can’t beat them but I’d be surprised.


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Yes we have shown we are capable of that level of performance in European games at times.

We need to get the team selection/tactics right but more importantly we need our players to perform at the level they are capable of


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Depends which team turns up. Moscow, Livingston, tonight - well get pumped. Many other games this season, we have more than a decent chance


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No, they don't. We can't even be sure the manager will even pick the right players. Based on tonights performance - Ejaria and Coulibaly will be torn to shreds. Flanagan will get his usual "it's an important game he must play" selection.

That could possibly put us 3 players down before the game starts.

That said, they might waken up. With the exception of Flanagan the others are at least capable of being good players.


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Our games against them are usually won in the midfield, and unfortunately they are absolutely miles ahead of us in the area.

We may have a fighting chance if Ejaria and Coulibaly don’t play, but I just can’t see Gerrard dropping both of them for it.

The two of them are passengers that we simply cannot afford to carry.


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No. Even if we win all our games until then I still don't think we have what it takes to beat the tramps when they raise their game against us.


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They will win the game in midfield simple as that and it will be a fucking canter.

We need to go 5 in the middle its the only way we will not be over ran although i dont see it we a cert for 433


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Our midfield is powder puff.
I remember when Dundee came to Ibrox and they waltzed through our midfield in the first half.
If they had had a better strike force they'd have been a couple up.


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One bad result and we lose our shit. We held our own against the likes of Villarreal, twice.

They won’t sit in and that’ll give us space. We’ll have Arfield, Kent and Barasic all back and they walk into our team just now.

Fear no foe.
Its not one bad result its our 3rd defeat of the league season and weve only just entered December ffs. We also got beat in the League Cup before the final and weve drew 3 games in the league.


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I just can’t see it with that midfield. The weakest part of the team by far and they will be looking to exploit this glaring weakness.


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We wont be man marked like we were tonight, we can play much better but if they bring their A game it will be difficult.

They are slipping up just as much as we are but obviously have a game in hand


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Need Arfield at it, Grezda and Candieas at it and either someone finds the Coulibally from the start of the season or lock the one we have now in a cupboard til after the game.
Morelos to not get involved in any nonsense and concentrate on doing what he is good at and we are in with a chance.

I have no faith in the midfield though and would be looking at giving McCrorie and Rossiter an opportunity in the next week or so.
If any body deserved dropped/rested after Sunday it was one of the midfield if not more than one, not Grezda or Halliday.


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They've just drawn with Motherwell a team we spanked 7 1 a few weeks ago. Yes we have the ability to beat them. By then we should have kent barisic and airfield back


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Funnily enough I felt, and said, in the summer we had improved forward areas and obviously defensive areas, midfield was still a concern

Coming home to roost now, the midfield will get mauled by their midfield if we are being honest


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No, but they are capable of getting a few results in the lead up to it - probably including Hibs on Boxing Day - get everyone’s hopes up and thinking we’ll smash them...and then completely f*ck it up.



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The pedos will always be up for it against us and the day we beat them is the day the cards shift and the players have genuine belief to go and beat them again.


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Our midfield was woeful. We really missed Arfield, he’s head and shoulders above any other midfielder in our squad. Any money we have in the transfer kitty should be spent on better quality in midfield.


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Err, anyone noticed they are not exactly good?

If ever there is a chance to win the league it's this season.
They’re not that good no, but in the most important part of the park- the center- they have so much more than us.


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Err, anyone noticed they are not exactly good?

If ever there is a chance to win the league it's this season.
We said that last season when they finished on 83 points, i didn't think we would ever have a chance like that again but the way its going it might be low 80s again.

We have to get going again and hope we can sort this midfield in January, heads cant go down now

Nobody can really expect after one window to match them in every position but midfield is the one glaringly obvious difference.


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They do, but play anything like we did tonight and we'll be thinking some of the doings we got from that lot last season were mild by comparison.