Don't want 'lost' title celebration (like Liverpool)


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If bears here in Belfast can remember, when the league was stopped last season and handed to the scum. They flogged west Belfast in there cars doing a convoy with flags. Complete shite show.


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Probably best for The Lounge rather than in here. I know you are not - entirely - serious and I'm sure you would 'die happy'. However, what if its your wife, mother, child, brother etc that it kills as a result of you bringing it home? You content to live with that?
I live on my own. Wont be killing anybody


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The fact we are so far ahead should give those in charge time to prep for this.

Something live on RTV to keep us at home and have a few cans while we watch.


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Missed out on celebrating my birthday and graduation because of this shit show. I don’t think there’s any chance I could stop myself from partying when we win the league, I’ll try to be responsible and isolate before/after, wear a mask and not kiss any grannies