Dorrans in line to make comeback on sunday


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Perhaps back up then.

It’s not as though I don’t want it to work, but he gives me the same vibes that certain other EPL players of a certain age have when they came up. That is, off the pace, and showing no signs of making it back up.

Defoe and Davis being the exception because they are of a higher ability imo with top attitudes.
Dorrans has an excellent attitude, proven by how hard and disciplined he's been in rehab, and is only slightly older than Arfield.

He missed pre season training last year, so basically was trying to play without an aerobic base.

No matter what sport you're in, if you don't build aerobic endurance before starting sport specific training, then you'll always struggle.

In professional triathlon we would work for 3 months, 6 days a week on our base before doing any other training.

Footballers normally look for a minimum of 4 weeks.
Dorrans was lucky if he got a week in.

After he got injured, he put the team ahead of himself by coming back too early to cover the unavailability of Rossiter, McCrorie and Jack and couldn't do himself justice.

This time he's had a proper rehab and after a full pre season training he'll be a huge asset.


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Hopefully he can stay fit. He's still a top player and if he can get his fitness back then he would be an asset to us.

He looked decent in glimpses when Pedro was manager. Scored goals from midfield. Problem was Pedro played basically a 424 and our midfield was overrun. And then get got injured.

Would love to see him back in a Gerrard team!
Said the same on another thread yesterday, second half especially against Falkirk he was good


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I like Dorrans and if we can get him back to fitness I'd love to have him back in the team. Mental to talk about these being his final games.


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Dorrans will be ahead of Doc, Rossiter and McCrorie in the pecking order mate and will be excellent back up to the 4 currently holding the jerseys.

Mark my words.
A fully-fit Dorrans would certainly be an asset, so I'm happy that we are keeping him.

That said, I'd have hoped that Rossiter would be given a chance to shine.


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16 games in the league last season and 5 goals. Not a bad return for a midfielder.
Two were penalties and they were against diddy sides, so lets not start sugar coating things.

I'd love it to work but we're looking to go to the next level here, that means a serious investment of about 4/5m into that CM position. The belief that an ageing Dorrans is going to progress us is pie in the sky.


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A fit Dorrans will be an excellent addition, in the brief spell he was on the park v Vilareal this season he showed what he will offer, pulled of a pass that required ridiculous vision and technique.

Being able to lash him on against 10 of the 11 sides we face each season will be grand for us.


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We’ll see.

Lets not forget last season where he barely kicked a ball for us and was yards off the pace. There’s little to suggest that changes.
I'm willing to judge him once fit and ready for Gerrard's team. Our whole club was a complete basket case last season so it's no comparison.

Yer da

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Mental that people are writing Dorrans off. Your Dorrans', Murphy's, Arfield's etc have gotten where they have in their career by being top professionals, they are not wasters who abuse their bodies.

Dorrans will play a huge part next season.


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Just like Davis was off the pace in January/February until he got some much needed match fitness.

We'll need a minimum of 8 midfielders for nexr season and Dorrans will be one of them.

As McAllister said in the presser, he'll be like a new signing mate.
Yep if we get to the group stages a decent squad will be vital.


That’s not too bad


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Delighted to have Dorrans back and in my opinion is one of the only players at the club who likes to shoot from outside the box plus he can hit a free kick, he is an asset


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It kinda is. With injuries and suspensions he'd play 20 games.

Gerrard would be happy.
Dorrans would be happy enough.
The bears would be where is he going and why?
He's probably one of the highest earners at the club and the money could probably be better spent elsewhere.


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Dorran’s has had a lot of false starts to his Rangers career.

Signed a week after Progres having had no pre season.

Badly injured against Killie by Power who went unpunished.

Rushed back by Murty, injures again.

Misdiagnosis of Killie injury, further surgery.

This time he has been wrapped in cotton wool, worked hard with Milsom to get back up to full fitness before being put back in to bounce games. You hear Gerrard talk about loading. They have got it right, I know Doza’s pal Al and I know he is absolutely itching to get involved and get his career back on track.

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He's probably one of the highest earners at the club and the money could probably be better spent elsewhere.
OK, so we do what? Pay him off? Spend 3 million on a replacement? give him 2/3rd of Dorrans Salary? Hope he not only adjusts to play for us, avoids injury and get's up to speed quickly, but that he can oust Arfield or Davis. And then we can tempt him to extend his 3 year deal to Dorrans wage, and hope he stays in form to be able to at least break even or hopefully make a profit on him.
And all that is the best case scenario.
Seems easy enough.

I'd rather have a fit and up to speed Dorrans trying to keep Davis or Arfield out the team.

The majority of our spending from here on in should be on 2 strikers, a centre half and a left back in my humble opinion.
Knocking one out in yer hand is better than a promise of letting you knocking one in in the bush, or something like that!


He’s not and never going to be the Dorrans of WBA .

He’s suffered badly through injury just can’t see him being anymore than a bit player even if we get him fit.
This will be his last chance.

It could be different this time as he absolutely has not been rushed back like he has previously. I hope it works out for him.

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This will be his last chance.

It could be different this time as he absolutely has not been rushed back like he has previously. I hope it works out for him.
Apologies in advance. But last chance at what? Avoid assault from a thug?
How do you do that conversation if you are the gaffer?
"You better not get viciously assaulted from behind again and left in a crumpled mess by a hammer thrower or yer oot the door!"