Draws at the piggery?


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No fans strips away home advantage.
We both have good pitches.
Will come down to who plays best on the day. We appear to be in better form but that could change. As I posted the other night they are apparently shakey at the back but scoring up front.


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Whoever Rangers have up front that day should shut the distribution from goalkeeper to Brown / Julian off this will force them
To give it to that cart horse Duffy who doesn’t have a effing clue with the ball at his feet and they’ll go long where we should gobble that up !


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I would be quite happy with draws at their shit hole and relying on our home ground to take care of them.
Id actually feel quite comfortable with only got a draw in the first encounter.
Draw is not the end of the world but we definitely have the pace and movement up front to trouble them at the back. Their defence against even Ross County was awful.
There for the taking in my eyes.
With none of their scummy fans there there's less of a home advantage so as long as we can overcome any ref bias then we've a good chance of getting all 3 points.


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Sometimes you take a draw?
Well, in the Walter 2nd stint era we were going really well in the league and approached the Glitterdome with confidence. It was a winter match and an icy walk to the hovel. We played poorly and could have been hammered but McCulloch heads in an equalizer near the end and we get a draw to help us to the title. You get games like that but this time I want to play well and win and we can.


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We aren't conceding, they are. They only issue is, regardless of how many they concede, play terribly etc, they are still winning.


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Would be a disappointing with a draw if I'm being honest.

But any win will do. Don't care if it's a scrappy 1-0.
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