Drove past the stadium


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Me too and I live over in Cyprus, gutted that I won't be getting to a few games over Christmas when I'm back.


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I used to drive past it when I had the chance as opposed to taking quicker routes but for the last few months they’ve been digging up all sorts it’s an absolute nightmare. God knows what it would’ve been like if we were attending as normal.

Cheshire bear

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Haven’t been up to Scotland since the Bayern game & was saying to my family tonight we’d all be getting ready for the game tonight. Hoping to get up after Christmas Covid permitting.


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Looked amazing and mental to think how packed to the rafters that this would in normal circumstances.

Honestly can't wait to get back in there.
Mate did the same today had to nip out for a family matter and took a detour around the stadium and then finished by going by the training ground. 53 I really should be beyond this type of behaviour. Miss it so much though


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Lucky me sees the Copland from my office window every day.
Only half of it though. I can see the large banners right above the store.

I live in Mosspark at the other end of Bellahouston park, nothing brings me more joy than catching a wee glimpse of the stadium. Feel bad for the fans that live miles away.