Duffy is the new word for diddy

Glasgow Rangers (Sco)

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By and large he will stroll it in this league, but I’m surprised he played in the premier league for as long as he did.

His first instinct is to defend the 6 yard box at every turn which causes chaos in the box. I think our coaching team definitely picked up on this....


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Very much a last minute panic signing. After he signed I caught a bit of him in various games and it was no sour use he was identified as a week link prior to yesterday. He certainly lived up to it. Shame dykes isn't around. He would rag doll him,


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As Maurice Ross said this afternoon. Scot Brown is going back to take the ball off a guy getting paid £40k a week.


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I said it when they signed him and ill say it again,hes a big haddy who would not be out of place in a field picking totties!!

A panic buy if ever I seen one,and they are spunking 45k a week on him as well,i hope he stays for the duration as hes rank rotten :cool:
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