Hurricane Run

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More like Diddy.


Great signing for us. Hope the guy who thought he was a game changer is still here haha


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Absolute apologists for a professional player, international my arse ,maybe just maybe would get a game with St Rochs if they were short of players. Living the dream ? Absolute dog shite!


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A dummy - slow and cumbersome. His only asset is in the air where he will win plenty of defensive headers and is a threat from set pieces. Up against someone with pace and intelligent movement and he hasn't a clue. Said as much on a thread when he signed and also that I would like to see Jones get a runout against him and the rest of their back four. If Jones was on any sort of form I think Duffy would have been even more exposed than he was today.
Yeah with his hands on his opponents shoulders?


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He was signed due to a few non footballing factors- he's a republican Celtic loving Tarrier bastard who fits the mould perfectly at about 40k a week.

Slower than a week in the jail and a winging bastard when Alfie got to grips with him, moaning to the linesman


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Absolute donkey and why he could'nt get a game at Brighton.....repeat Brighton ha ha
He sprayed a sensational long pass out to the left wing with about 5 to go .Not a scum player in sight and straight out of play at aroung 10m height .Camera panned to treacle teeth :))
The only good shot from that lot all day . Laughing my ass off

I described that almost word for word during the game to maw humbug,


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The thing is....they will stick with him. He is on a load of money and was brought in the shore up their leaky defense but only made matters worse. I can't believe he is only 28....he genuinely plays like a 38-year old that is way past it.


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Carthorse. Absolute Carthorse l. Makes davie weir look pacey.

Will be made to look better than he is due to the other teams shitting the bed against them.

Hopefully others watch the game today and see he can be got at.


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For the loan fee they paid for one year for that donkey they could have had 40 Glen Kamara’s!
Absolutely shocking, I had to remind an acquaintance today at around 13.30 that the 2 cars in his drive cost just under the princely sum paid for Glen Tim Slayer Kamara. There must be an issue with the broadband in the area as there has been no reply, possibly been put into lockdown or hiding in the fallout shelter.


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As many said when he signed to typically hyperbolic fanfare, this is a grindingly ordinary centre half that doesn’t improve them as a defensive unit.

Why he was signed and on what basis will, of course, slip unremarked from notice. Lennon signed him because he is a chest thumper first, and %^*& all else.

Even the dogs on Main Street howl, coz they understand, Duffy is pish and he’s a fucking tramp.
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