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Absolutely shocking, I had to remind an acquaintance today at around 13.30 that the 2 cars in his drive cost just under the princely sum paid for Glen Tim Slayer Kamara. There must be an issue with the broadband in the area as there has been no reply, possibly been put into lockdown or hiding in the fallout shelter.
where did a tim get 50 k for cars ,DLA are they :))


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He is a proper piss head by all accounts. I get the feeling that was part of the reason Potter didn't want him around the Brighton set up.
Apparently on 40k a week !

The thread on here about him was a disgrace and completely embarrassing, considering threads get chopped on here all the time and that joke of a thread was allowed to run.


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Some of the posters on here who were talking him up as the next coming of Franco Baresi when they signed him need to have a look at themselves
I can guarantee that some of the cheerleaders will be first in line for the confessional booth in the morning.

%^*& them all, %^*& them all, %^*& YOU alllllllll !

For we will be mastered by no fenian....

colonel yum yum

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He's a big lump of wood . Just tries to stick he head on everything. Both our CB's piss all over him. Goldson will get all the plaudits today, but I think big Helander was, and has been for some time, superb. I'd even say our current third choice CB looks far superior to the big dumplin they're seemingly paying a fortune to get on loan.


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Well his club didn't put him out on loan
because they desperately needed him.

They probably did it to get rid of him
plus the bonus of getting paid for it and
still able to sell him.
I'm glad they've borrowed him for all
of that money.


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For someone thats played at a decent level his positioning at times was woeful. One where he isnt even aware that Barker is next to him and if Morelos picks correct pass hes likely through on goal. Hopefully an expensive mistake for them.


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The thing with Duffy is when he signed people thought he was decent because ya Brighton in most games they were up against it. It was backs to the wall, siege defending which you only get away with for so long.

He’s horrific with the ball at his feet. The only CB they have who is decent with the ball at their feet is Ajer who can also often have lapses but not as bad as Julien and Duffy.

There was one about 5 mins in that Duffy totally messed up and from that point he didn’t recover. He’s a donkey.


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As many said when he signed to typically hyperbolic fanfare, this is a grindingly ordinary centre half that doesn’t improve them as a defensive unit.

Why he was signed and on what basis will, of course, slip unremarked from notice. Lennon signed him because he is a chest thumper first, and %^*& all else.

Even the dogs on Main Street howl, coz they understand, Duffy is pish and he’s a fucking tramp.
I remember when they signed Bolingoli, he was hailed as the new Cafu.
Thats what happens when you have a timmy media who are lap dogs.


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He'll be fine against the dross, but the thought of Roofe vs Duffy is amazing.

Ajer is their best defender from what I've seen, even then our front-line on form could dismantle any of them.
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