Dundee FC in a desperate situation (Nelms's duplicity coming home to roost)


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Well, this is a shame :)

Talks between Dundee and prominent fans’ group over a cash injection have collapsed

June 30, 2020, 10:40 am

Talks between Dundee FC and a prominent fans’ group over a potential cash injection have collapsed into acrimony.

The Dark Blues – who have endured losses of £500,000 over the past three months – contacted the Dundee FC Supporters’ Society (DFCSS) about securing a “significant donation” from their five-figure cash reserves.

However, the Dens Park club claim the DFCSS board rebuffed their approach.

In response, Bob Hynd – previously a director of both Dundee FC and the DFCSS – has resigned from the Society board.

Dundee managing director John Nelms has instigated substantial cost-cutting measures as he seeks to navigate the club through the financial havoc wreaked by the coronavirus shutdown.

So far, assistant manager Jimmy Nicholl, sports scientist Cammy McDermid and captain Josh Meekings have left Dens Park, while remaining players have been asked to accept wage cuts.

Nelms has also called on Dee fans to buy season tickets after revealing sales of less than 10% of usual levels, triggered by uncertainty over a kick-off date for the Championship (now pencilled in for October 17).

In response to the DFCSS cash injection stalemate, Dundee made the following statement to Tele Sport: “In light of the unprecedented circumstances, the club have been doing all we can to sustain the business for future generations.

“As part of this process we have looked into all avenues and contacted the Dundee FC Supporters Society to request a significant donation from the £38,000 they currently hold.

“This money was raised using the club’s intellectual property and has been in their account for a number of years.

“The DFCSS board took the decision to reject this, with all except Bob Hynd voting against a donation.

“As a result, Bob has tendered his resignation from the DFCSS board but will remain on the board of directors at Dundee Football Club.

“The club were disappointed but not surprised by this stance from the DFCSS board.

“On a number of occasions over the past seven years discussions have broken down with little to no help offered by the DFCSS for the good of Dundee Football Club.”


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A bit embarrassing begging from the fans and revealing how much money they are sitting on.

Things must be bad if they're asking for a portion of just £38,000!


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I'll feel a bit sorry for the fans but I actively want them to go bust.

Nobody is more deserving.
If you feel sorry for their fans go and have a look at their forum.

During the time when we issued our dossier on the SPFL, their fans were ripping the piss out of us and it’s contents. Constant sevco this and that.

Their fans are also/were fully behind their chairman’s decision to not only promote and crown their nearest rivals as ‘champions’ but to stop themselves from getting a chance at promotion by curtailing the season all in the reason of giving the kiddie fiddlers a *league title. They are happy to suck it up and move on.

Their fans are braindead, cuckold dumplings. F’ck them all.


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Nelms plans is to strip them of their value and sell to Dundee Utd for a merger. Nice new housing development for Dens Park.