Dundee united


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I contacted my 2000 Facebook friends and asked what we should do to help. So between us, we have raised 16 pence, a dead frog, and an almost new ribbed Durex. And at this most difficult time, I will of course be contacting the club as to where I should send the items.
I would ask them to collect. Leave your donation in a wee plastic bag and tape it to the underside of the lid of your neighbours wheel bin.
Well you don't want their sort at your house.


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Remember when their fans were more concerned about us getting demoted than their own success. That went well.


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A hotel or supermarket/shopping arcade would look good up there. Level Tannadump and Dens, and build a wee bridge over the road that divides them.

Nobody would notice to be fair!

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Now would four seasons worth of the blue£ in their coffers not have helped at this time. Their double standards stink they would not sell Gough to us shafted us for drunkenDuncan yet have a January firesale to the scum of their best players Ciftci Armstrong and the double barrelled Clyde swimmer just before they met in the LC Final in the February reap what you sow Dundee Hibs or call uncle Peter.


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Them and Killie begging for money while still signing players.

Surely a foundation like that is set up for charity purposes