Dundee Utd v Inverness


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Will be watching. Didn't realise that Dundee Utd were 18 points ahead of Inverness - certain to go up.


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Was a nice finish by the lad but goal is all about shankland he is class touch is terrific but yeah cannae play outside the box cos hes scottish, fs... i know same ref would be keeping cards in his pocket if that was Rangers v a smaller side in our league.

Think Utd are going to do well when they come up look better than most of the teams we play maybe they have a good manager dont know much about him but seems ok.


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That’s an embarrassing support, and BBC hootsman trying to big it up, I just watched the Scotland v Italy U20 rugby in Italy and there was a bigger crowd and better atmospher.


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I know United now winning, but for large parts of the game ICT have been the better team against the best team in the Championship.
This is virtually the same ICT team who our Colts almost beat.

Our youngsters give me confidence for the future.


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Referee is Beaton switch over as HT at Derby Dundee HIV player fouls a Caley player no foul so another Caley player pushes a Dundee HIV to the floor and he books him he really is a complete walloper!


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If we really want to improve scottish football then we promote a number of these clubs for a 20 team league, get rid of any sides that are sticking with the bumpy fast pitches. Its just mad having a 2nd league full of teams that are of the same level of most in the top league Shape up or ship out, better to have teams like dundee and utd than livi, killie or hamilton.

Dont know how long it takes to get out of the sky deal but to sort our game need to forget the 4 old firm fixtures... yeah i know there are plenty of reasons why people wouldnt want it but look at the league and the national side the money they put in is shite anyway. Time for snp to help and no i dont mean pay for the yahoos to buy a star striker or sort the piggery. Spend some cash on our game look at ways to improve the product.

Also, terrific finish by Mols and the host on bbc needs to go back to what he does best... that big brother chat show. Was a good game though quite open 2 teams playing to win we need more of that.