Dunfermline release 17 players


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I would imagine every player out of contract will be let go at every club in Scotland

all of whom will not get a club until there’s a date for the fans being back tbh
I'm told a lot of lower-division clubs have a load of players on short contracts. So a heck of a lot could be released. Best of luck to them in finding new clubs.


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All leagues have now been called, we’ll be releasing some of our own shortly. Looks like non contact training could resume during ‘Phase 1’ next week and full training in ‘phase 2’. Decisions need to be made regarding closed doors games, UEFA will press ahead with their competitions I have no doubt so I think we might need to press ahead BCD.


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Sad to think like that.
I don’t disagree, mind you.
I always believed that part of the world was much more likely to be on our side.
May well have been, in the past.
These days though, I don’t care who survives out with Rangers.
I don’t like to see people lose their jobs. But all those fans from diddy clubs that laughed at us can suffer watching their clubs have problems


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Single season contracts are the norm outside of the top flight. It's nothing more than Dunfermline not offering new contracts at this time. There will be a lot of signings once teams know when football is restarting.

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There must be similar turnover at most shitey wee diddy clubs every season. 17 may be on the high end of the scale but like you say they weren't getting new deals anyway.
Aye. One/two-year deals are the norm in the lower leagues. Most clubs will have a fair number of players on the way out this summer. Christ, we've got six 'senior' players going plus a handful more from the Academy.