Dunfermline release 17 players


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I'm told a lot of lower-division clubs have a load of players on short contracts. So a heck of a lot could be released. Best of luck to them in finding new clubs.
My mates nephew has played for several teams below the Premier and only once has he ever gotten more than a one year deal and that was only for two. He has a job and like for many football is a virtual paid hobby with training facilities.
He's a decent centre mid but never going to be a top player.

Der Berliner

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17 away. I guess quite a few teams will follow suit, as they have no money for wages.

Wonder what calling the league helped here? Apart from handing the Scum the title.

Even if footballs starts in August and some teams can actually afford to play in front of empty stands, how many will have any players that play for them?


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The rags are saying Queen Of The South have released 16 players, leaving just 3 players who are under contract on the books.