England v Kosovo


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Had a tenner on the sky boost Kane to score assist by sterling 6/1. That's my interest in international football done

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This has always been England's downfall in big tournaments, 4 games against Russia and Belgium would have been far better preparation. Will never happen though the seeding always protects the big sides, unless you make a Roger Hunt of it like Italy/Netherlands in the past
It should be a completely open draw. Yes you'll get some awful groups but it should throw up some surprises every now and then.


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Own goal looked an absolute shocker but watching the replay there it was heading to the keepers foot and he pulled it out of the way. Got a bit of sympathy for the lad who stuck it away now.


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As an aside, Tyldesley and Hoddle are patronising Kosovo to a level they usually reserve for African teams in the World Cup
I turned the sound off after they compared Kosovo scoring early on to when San Marino did it to England.


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That Kosovo keeper is one of the worst I've ever seen. How the %^*& is he at Manchester City?? His shot stopping is shocking, his positioning is non existent, his reactions are so fuckin slow.


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Kosovo bringing this on themselves now. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they are trying to give it a go and get forward, but they are so open it’s ridiculous.


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I'd imagine those in the studio will also patronise plucky Kosovo before Roy Keane cruelly savages them for naivety and inability to learn from mistakes.