Euro Results: Larne 2-1 Aarhus, Linfield 4-0 Borac Banja Luka, Abergreen 5-1 Hacken, HIVs 3-0 Santa Coloma


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I think the red was justified having seen the replay he seems to catch the boy square on the foot showing studs and at that pace its reckless. In my day it wouldnt have even been a booking mind but changed days now.


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It was (not sure if Bet365). Rangerstv stream was a shambles to begin with so had to watch the first 15/20 on my phone. Remember being unsure if Ejaria's strike went in as there was no commentary and little sound.

Oh , must have been the game away to the Russians in 2018. I was on holiday then :D

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Scotland's co-efficient was destroyed for years while Rangers were in the lower leagues.

Scotland's co-efficient has now recovered because of Rangers.

I never heard anyone, anywhere, discussing the co-efficient when we were out of Europe.

But strangely some Rangers supporters find it important that Hibs and Aberdeen progress, for the co-efficient.


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Watching sheep game on a stream they are actually playing not bad and lego eater is playing ok , aberdeen 2.0 up

Was gonna’d think the other team were part timers reading some of the comments.

People just can’t find it within themselves to say Aberdeen are playing well


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BBC reporting is top notch

“Goal scorer Andy Considine, who is on a yellow card, stretches into a challenge and looks to have won it perfectly. Dearie me, if it's half a second later he's off.”

Perfect tackle but could be sent off if 2nd half :D


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Hacken finished 3rd last season, 11 points behind Malmö. The standard in Sweden must be really poor, Sheep in total control of the game so far.