Euro 2020 Euros Super 6


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Who won the regular season super 6? I won my work one only got £100 and a wee trophy but the kudos and the fact I covered my work on victory posters with pictures of Tav doing the can you see us now and the fact I dedicated the room to the late Terry Munro made up for my pish winnings.


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After finishing up runner up in the full season one, I’ve joined with the plan of keeping you peasants below me and climbing to the top of this one...

Bring it on plebs....

Shengus Malengus

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I see they've added Stelling to the private leagues.

Is this a new thing are was he in the main competition and I just missed his name?

He's shite anyway. I beat him on the one on one challenges for the season and finished outside the top 100 on FF.

Knowledgeable lads are the FFers.

Mr Bear

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Just joined - probably will be mediocre to shite on this, but at least I'm not going to fall as far as some on this thread.....just pipe down and take yer medicineB-D

PS> Cheers DB1977 for setting it up