Ever been on TV at a game?

I was on TV in Glasgow Airport waiting to board my first ever flight. I was heading to Barcelona, in 1972. I still regularly reminisce, as the clip is still available on Youtube LOL.
Sitting in the Copland front, tend to be seen quite a lot.

Worst one was being caught giving it the wanker sign and flicking Vs at a Scotland game at the piggery back in 1997. Latvian player went to take a corner so camera zooms in and there's me and my pals in action.

Didn't know my parents were watching it with my grandparents as it was a rare live TV game back then. Safe to say that an 11 year old me had a lot of explaining to do when I got picked up after the bus home.
Lying on the park at Dens Park, Colin Steins first game back if I recall correctly,he got sent off riot ensued,crowd surged forward I ended up having to go onto the park, turned round to go back onto the terracing & got hit it the gut with a pomagne bottle. Although the game wasn’t live they showed it on the news & the old dear saw me lying on the park, she spent three stressed out hours waiting on me getting back down the road.


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Been on a few times over the years. I actually had to take evasive action to avoid being on once. When we won the league at Tannadice in 2009(Operation Tango day) I was in the front row, the guy came along filming the celebrations at the end. Unfortunately I was off work on the sick and had to duck down behind my mates to avoid getting my fizzog on tv:p
Beat Hibs 1-0 away in the cup, a young Namouchi set up Arveladze IIRC.

Close up of me and my bro on Sky Sports for a good 30 seconds before the match. Old boy across the road had it on tape so gave it to us, not seen it for years.

Edit: Also, me and my pal were interviewed by Setanta before going into the piggery. Boy asked us if we had anything to say before the match, funnily enough it never made the cut. Wonder why :D
The last 6.05pm kick off live on Sky on Saturdays, we played the sheep at Pittodrie. Robbie winters got coined as he took a throw in right in front of our young team, the cameras panned in on the first couple of rows of our support (where I was sat) and my mobile phone (a house brick Nokia at the time) started ringing, I answered it and my mams voice said ‘That better not have been you throwing that missile at that player’.... my mam and dad had been watching the game at home on tv and had seen my ugly mug on the screen clear as day when the cameras zoomed in. Amoruso scored the only goal in a one nil win, a nasty encounter which ended up with the game being stopped for 15 minutes to allow the police to restore order.
I got interviewed on Sky before Mo Johnston's first public game for us v Airdrie outside Broomfield.
Also standing on a barrier at Hampden SCF v Airdrie all suited and booted.
I'd been at my nephew's first communion.:eek::mad::D
UEFA cup final in Manchester, I got a call to tell me my dad didn't get in the ground, just before kick off, I was on the phone trying to find out what was happening, I then hot loads of texts saying get aff ur phone, ur at a European final involving Rangers and loads of texts saying ur on the big screens at Ibrox.

The next couple of seasons when you went on the official web site about the travel club I think it was, me and my mate were in the photo taken at the final used to to advertise it.
Never saw it myself but 92-93 season I was in school after being at the game at the weekend and a couple of older boys asked if I had been at the game as they saw me on tv. Them and their pals were always nice to me after that, never had any issues!
I've been on a few times.
However my first ever TV appearance and first ever away game was when I was a wee boy, it must of been in the early 80's and Rangers were away to Morton (that's how long ago it was). We were standing right at one of the corner flags. When I got home my Mum said I saw you and your pals on the TV shouting abuse at the Morton players and giving them the fingers. Captured a peach.


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When I was about 9/10 my dad was working one weekend and couldn't take us to Ibrox, my pals were going to a Dunfermline game (Against Brechin I think) and I asked if I could go, my dad said no for 2 reasons, firstly he didn't like the thought of me at the football at that age, even with a group of pals at the same age, on my own and secondly, I was a Rangers 'man' like him.

He comes home from work, asks how my day was, I say I just kicked about the park or whatever.

Sportscene came on that night, he and I sat down to watch it, the brief Dunfermline highlights come on and there's a closeup of me throwing the ball back from the enclosure to the goalkeeper with my mates dunfermline scarf round my neck.

Cant remember if I got a skelped arse for that or not, but I probably deserved it.


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Haven't been on TV at a game but me and my dad were pictured on basically a full page of the Daily Record sitting in the Etihad after the UEFA Cup Final - I was in tears :rolleyes:. It was page 3 so we received a few "When did the Daily Record start showing a pair of tits on page 3" texts.

Been on the TV a few times at the darts though.


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Remember Setanta tv highlighted sectarian singing by the Rangers fans when they where showing the highlights of the 3-0 v Inverness on the first game of the 07/08 season. The clip went to the crowd during the sash when the add ons when being sung and you can see my face clear as day (obviously not singing)

Got about 10 texts from different people saying they spotted me including my crash barrier boss.


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Villareal away this season
Man U away in CL a few years back
Bucharest - Unirea 'handbags' photo on the BBC and in The Sun, not that I was doing anything other than filming it!
And a few others over the years.
Once for me, at the cup final v Dundee Utd when we beat them on penalties after Kris Boyd equalised twice

Was in the front row of the stand opposite the main stand and Noel Hunt dived and I could be seen giving him dogs for it. cant remember what exactly I said but I probably called him a "Noel Hunt"


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When we won the league at Tannadice my two sons and I were on for a good few seconds. Kept a recording of that match but lost it!
Speak to Stephen Miller at Rangers Archives on Facebook, he'll have it.

He sent me a video of a game I was on the TV from the 80s so he'll have you no doubt.

Think he wanted £3 for a copy of the game which was fine by me.
Was caught on Scotland Today's news cameras whilst queuing for tickets at 6am for a Scottish cup Replay at Tannadice in 1989. Was indulging in some cultural songs. Went over to my girlfriend's house that evening to be told I wasn't welcome anymore as her dad had seen me on the news.


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Sunday night five past six kick off at St Johnstone.

Me and the brother headed down for a steak and gravy pie (which were outstanding).

Back to the seats and I start munching into mine. My brother says "hold my pie till I tie my lace". No probs except the camera zoomed in right at that point. With him out of shot I am setting about this massive pie with another one in my left hand. Looked like a real greedy fat bastard :p