Evertons Archibald Leitch strip .


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A like the West Ham home strip. Usually not a fan but that's smart.
Take a look at Hull's new home top, it's got tiger strips across it, pretty nice tbh

Bob Belcher

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Great strip- future classic I reckon.
Umbro were great for us (latterly at least)
The first few years of Umbro were shite but they moved to the 'Tailored by Umbro' kits from 2010-11 onwards, and they were some of the best kits we've had in recent years. Nike sold Umbro in 2012 and they re-launched in 2014. I quite like some of the Hummel stuff, but if I could pick anyone to make our kits, it would be Umbro again.

Earl of Leven

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Should work but is somehow not nice.

Next season we should have the lattice work from Main Stand on sleeves of home top....would look cracking.


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My wife keeps banging on about new facias for our roof.

I'm tempted to get the main stand design painted around it... it's Newcastle so nobody will know or care but me :)