Ex-Partick Thistle chief Cowan says Hearts’ relegation is case of ‘what goes around comes around’


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Ex-Partick Thistle chief Allan Cowan insists relegation is a case of 'what goes around comes around' for Hearts.

The former Jags chairman was on the board when they were controversially demoted from the top flight in 2004.

It came after Inverness were allowed to groundshare with Aberdeen to secure their promotion.

Caley had not met the top flight's minimun requirement for a 10,0000-seater stadium of their own at the time.

However, Thistle were bottom of the table that season and argued that Inverness had not met the deadline for approval of their groundshare.

The Firhill club looked to be saved when only seven clubs voted to allow Inverness into the league, with a minimum of eight required.

However, Hearts then brought forward a second vote with Hibs after arguing the rules had been misinterpreted, which Partick Thistle lost 10-2.

Cowan never forgot that and reckons the Jambos are now getting a taste of their own medicine as they face relegation, even as the Jags have been demoted to League One.

He told the Daily Record: "The old expression, 'what goes around comes around', springs to mind.

"I have no bitterness towards Hearts these days as different people are running the club.

"Ann Budge seems a very capable businesswoman but it's a case of swallowing their own medicine."

Hearts are set to be relegated after Premiership clubs voted to end the campaign early due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jambos chief Ann Budge has already admitted to considering legal action against the SPFL if that comes to pass.

And looking back at Partick Thistle's relegation, Cowan sees some similarities in the situation.

He said: "It was like the Prime Minister calling a general election and not liking the result, so calling it again.

“There were forces at work and there may be similarities between then and now.

“When certain people decide certain things are going to happen, they will use the rules to their own advantage.

“I well remember going for our interdict at the Court of Session and watching as Lord Brodie pushed back his wig and admitted even he couldn’t understand the SPL’s rulebook.

“Everyone knew what the rulebook meant but powerful forces within some of the clubs wanted Inverness promoted and as a consequence Partick Thistle had to be relegated.

“We didn’t lose our case because we lacked having the law behind us.

"We lost because the SPL argued there was still an avenue for redress through the SFA.

“Then, when it went to the SFA, the SPL argued the SFA had no jurisdiction to hear the appeal!

"I don’t know if Rangers or Partick Thistle will make a legal challenge against the SPFL this time around.

“I understand the Rangers dossier covers a good number of company law points which are against the position the SPFL have taken.

“However, whether anyone is brave enough – or daft enough – to challenge them through the courts again remains to be seen."

Kingdom Bear

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Wow .. Daily Record drag out some nobody from yesteryear to reinforce their message that it’s perfectly reasonable to call the league

In essence Hearts are bams and don’t feel bad about relegating them

The Crimson King

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Makes a lot of fair points tbf. I want us to fully support Hearts in any endeavour but they aren't good guys in this, they weren't in the above and they weren't in 2012 either. I have zero love for them and Budge has been an absolute shitebag through the whole thing.As I said, enemy of an enemy and all that for now, however.

But one thing the article does highlight is how happy the SPFL are to stick to rules when it suits them, and twist it up when it doesn't. They are scum now and always have been.


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He sounds like a totally thick lady's front bottom.

Thistle were bottom and rightly relegated. End of story.


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Strange final comment. If anyone is brave enough or daft enough to take the SPFL to court.
mid he doing Doncaster’s bidding for him.

Mr Wilton

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Is this a copy and paste? It’s says 10,0000 seater stadium! Which is 100,000, some stadium Inverness must have now!


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So he thinks a team shouldnt be relegated if they legitimately finish bottom but thinks they should be if they are bottom in an incomplete season?

Nothing more than pathetic attempt by the mentally challenged View to justify calling the league to benefit their team, not fit for arse paper.


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Thistle were bottom after a completed league season and deserved to go down. If they had decided that Inverenss couldn't go up the next fairest thing would still have been to promote the next team who met the requirements.. Not to keep Thistle in the league.

No it wouldn't have been. As mentioned in the thread Aberdeen avoided relegation for this reason.

Promoting a team that didn't win the league over a team that did would be stupid.

Grant K

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Holicom still working hard at finding the bitter and twisted to trot out at a daily basis to drive the agenda.


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I think he is just pointing out that Hearts are only really upset here because it affects them rather than any principle.

the rule seems to be that no matter what happens, the country will make sure Partick Thistle get relegated.


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That sounds nonsense to be honest, ‘powerful forces wanted Inverness promoted’

Really, why?:D
Most central belt clubs, especially Rangers and The Filth would prefer a visit to Maryhill than Inverness, further Thistle always have a decent set of visiting supporters for games in Glasgow.
Maybe the powerful forces were Aberdeen? :D