Ex-Rangers star Mark Walters says he's forgiven Celtic fans for vile racist abuse on debut


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He doesn't need to make a deal of it but I wouldn't understand forgiving them to be honest.

It does however put it back out there that the Celtic support have been vile racist fuds in the past.


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Good player for us during his spell at Ibrox ..

Ex-Rangers star Mark Walters insists he's forgiven Celtic fans for racially abusing him during his time in Glasgow.

Walters made his debut against Gers' fierce rivals in January 1988 and was subjected to vile racism where supporters lobbed bananas onto the pitch and made sickening monkey jibes towards the player.

A dart was even thrown at the winger, an issue he admits did frighten him at the time.

Big-hearted Walters, though, never allowed the torrent of abuse to get him down during his time at Ibrox.
And he says he has since forgiven the punters who targeted him.
Speaking on Football Daft podcast, Walters said: "I've always been brought up to forgive and I know a lot of people verbally abused me that day.
"I've forgiven all those people, I just saw it as one of those things I had to go through.

"Unfortunately it happened a bit in England on a smaller scale.
"I was quite used to going to places like Leeds United, Newcastle, West Ham, Chelsea and getting similar but on a smaller scale.
"As a footballer, you just knew it was one of those things you had to get on with or else you wouldn't be a player.
"A few of my friends weren't prepared to put up with that and done other things but I was adamant I was going to be a professional footballer so knew I had to put up with it."
But surely that never happened,well thats what you would think if you believed the scottish press/medias version of events.:mad: