Excuse the indulgence, but my boy has just scored the winner for Ross County v the tims


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Seen the highlights last night and you could see by the smile on the lads face after the final whistle and the teams were going off the pitch that he knew he had just hammered another nail in the coffin of celten. Glorious.


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Magic. You must be a very proud man knowing your lad did his bit for 55. Lets hope he has also done his bit for his own team , they stay up and you can both celebrate properly :)


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Hear the song at the end what a beautiful day :)) :)) :))
Well done young big woooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
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I have no idea how you must be feeling today. Elated, over the moon, high as a kite, you name it and it still won't cover it.

But proud as punch might be nearest.

A red letter day for your son and the rest of your family.

As good a post as it gets on here, squire.

Rudolph Hucker

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And I am delighted to say the least
55 is coming bears
Your post is probably going to break records for the most likes!!

If Carlsberg did football matches...

Watching your boy playing pro football...
...in the county’s top league...
...and he scores a goal...
...against the filth...
...to effectively hand the title to their rivals...
...who you support :))B-D

Well done to the lad. Give him my thanks and congratulations if/when you sober up!


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Congratulations, well done on your son scoring last night.
Please pass on the best wishes from the Jo’burg Loyal to Jordan.


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What a feeling that must have been, both on and off the pitch, the things that dreams are made of.


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What a year for you both, be sure to buy the lad a pint for all of us as well as for yourself. When the time comes of course :))

Hes a good man


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Meanwhile over at the Daily Rhebel Keiths trying to come up with a story that doesnt include Ro55 County or a young starlet of the staunch era pumping Bhoys..... not like they tried hiding that stuff for years.... cough........!!!! whit BIg Jock knew.....?????


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Absolutely tremendous, for a bear from a Family of bears to score a goal that helps land 55 must be something else ! Really hope County stay up as well, it would be great for the Highlands.