Match Thread FA Cup Final | Arsenal v Chelsea | 17:30


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50-50 I reckon. I hope Chelsea win, but Arteta has the Arsenal players playing for him. 2-1 Chelsea.


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Just logged in for a wee bet on the cup final and I've won 40bucks stuck the 5er on Hochfeld lol

Cheers mate

Wrong thread

Danger Zone

Just the tip...
I prefer Arsenal as a club and I like Arteta, but I really like Frank Lampard and I’d love to see Giroud sink his old club so I’ll be cheering for the blue part of London today.


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"Abide with me, brought to you today by E.E, proud FA Cup sponsor"!
Looks like everything has its price nowadays.


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2 - 0 Chelsea. Pulisic and Giroud with the goals.

If Tierney is playing I hope someone stands on his balls.


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I have no favourite English club and usually just want to see a good game with the better team winning.
But as Green Brigade Tierney is playing, I hope Chelsea win and he scores a last minute own goal to win them it.


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Used to prefer Arsenal but hard to dislike Lampard and this Chelsea team.

3-1 Chelsea

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