Fantastic video from Vitesse Arnhem FC to honour the 75th Anniversary of the The Battle of Arnhem

Carlton The Bear

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Many of the Paras thought they were dropping into a foregone conclusion, such was the confidence ahead of the operation. It didn’t take long for reality to hit unfortunately.
Good video, thanks for posting it.


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Brilliant videos and how wonderful to see how these heroes are still honoured by the people of Arnhem
I know that Vitesse colours are yellow and black , so was that strip which was the same colours of the Airborne division a one off as a salute to them


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So nice for the folks in Arnhem to not forget. Unlike some closer to home. We should all be so proud of the great sacrifice for freedom
Pity wee Nikla and her republican minded friends can’t seem to appreciate what the UK and the Allied Forces did for Great Britain and the free World . She doesn’t want to be part of the UK but wants to be part of Europe in the name of " Independence “??? o_O


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Granada are doing a piece tonight about one of the vets from Ormskirk who I assume to have been there for the game. Looking forward to it.

No idea why I get granada in Dumfries but that's another story!


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the book A Bridge Too Far is the ultimate authority on what the troops went through.

Even against impossible odds they clung on to the absolute death until there was no other hope other than to retreat.


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Keevins would burst a blood vessel on seeing that clip.

Great to see countries our grandparents fought and died in show their respect and gratitude for the sacrifices made.