Fashion Sakala in advanced Rangers signing talks

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In all seriousness, this is a rumour that doesn’t seem to be going away and having never seen him I can’t say much other than it looks like he’d fit our fluid system.

Knows where the net is, and would add some pace to the front three.

Yeah seems like we’ve been keeping tabs for a while. I’m sure the consensus was he’d be a good signing when discussed before.


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Never know when to take Record stories serious when they're banned from the club. Would help if they could get the right club where Ofoborh is at he's at Wycombe not Huddersfield.
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I think it probably goes deeper than that.
I think when players and their agents leak this shit to gutter press, we pull out of deals that might have been of interest.

Godz I hope so.

I don't think we'd pull out of a deal because their side leaked it.

If we believe in the player that shouldn't matter.

I don't know anything about this guy if I'm honest, but good enough record in Belgium.


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He looks good although I don’t think pace is as important for us as it’s made out, kent is vital for us because of his directness, aggression and tracking back. In the SPL it’s very difficult for us to get in behind teams imo


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"Well placed African sources".

You just know the Record made that bit up.
“Hello, is this the Daily Record?”



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This rumour keeps coming up. I think he'd be an excellent signing. Good age and must have something about him with all the interest he's getting.

Pacey as well and could play anywhere in the front 3.

Would be smart business.
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