Fashion Sakala Officially Signs


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Brilliant - these are the sort of deals we should be doing regularly. Hopefully he does the business for us, that length of contract suggests he is highly thought of.


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Editing the wiki page is en vogue now days


May the Fourth be with you Fashion.


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Was impressed with him against Standard the other night.

Goal, assist and a penalty ruled out by VAR. still got an assist that stood, created two/three chances and has a couple of good efforts at goal.

Was all over the park, dropping deep off the ball, popping up on the right and even until he was substituted, chased every time. The pressing of the keeper almost resulted in him forcing an error out of the keeper. For the majority of the game his passing was spot on and he’s got some amount of pace - rapid.

Welcome to Rangers. Exiting to see what he brings.
What type of player did he look mate?
Was he more striker or winger?


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A warm welcome to Rangers.

Work hard, and you can continue a tradition of great forwards players at this club.

It looks like he has come through many struggles in his life to get to where he is now, and that he will relish this opportunity.
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What type of player did he look mate?
Was he more striker or winger?
He has played striker in a two up front this season, mostly with Gueye but against Liege it was with Kvasina. His attributes suit both positions though, will suit our front three really well due to his versatility.


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Feeling positive about this signing. It is good to have different types of players with different qualities. Good age and experience to develop and strengthen competition.


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What type of player did he look mate?
Was he more striker or winger?


He came inside quite a bit and took up central positions, he got in some dangerous areas to get a couple of shots off at goal. He drifted wide right, he was back helping his left back, he was taking the ball off the central midfielders; Hjulager and D’Arpino.

One thing he didn’t really do was get on the ball and look to take on a man. More of a give and go, a simple pass to retain possession.


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We're doomed, the experts in the Huddleboard have him down as useless, without ever seeing him play. :D

He must be pish then. They've had to watch Thumb, Ajeti, Klimala and a half arsed Edouard this season. These c*nts know what a useless forward looks like!


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Sakala talks about his tough upbringing and how he is extremely grateful for the career he’s has made in football - there were days where he and his family went without food. Through hard work, determination, desire and the experiences of growing up, he’s managed to get to where he is today. Time will tell if he’s good enough but I don’t think any one will ever be able to question his attitude, hard work, commitment and desire.

This is a player that plays with a smile and works all day for his team. I saw that against Standard, he just runs and runs and runs.

Might be still raw around the edges but I think our management team have a pretty good record of making players better.
Really enjoy reading your posts about Fashion Sakala. I think we have unearthed another gem here. Can't wait for the new season.


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Interesting signing. From the videoclips he seems to be a direct player that finishes instinctively. No hesitation, no messing about, just Bang! Goal! Good shot and good at headers as well.


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A good signing on a free transfer lots of potential with Sakala he brings serious pace to our forward line also an eye for goal and good movement also can play as a 10 which gives us versatility.

A massive upgrade on dross like Barker, Jones, Stewart etc.


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Ticks the boxes for the front three Liverpool type system that SG likes... kind of Mane like.. although ticking boxes doesn't make him a success its great we're adding to the options...