Favourite Euros

Favourite Euros

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Mr Blue Sky

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Took my son to a couple of games in France 2016. Portugal v Croatia in Lens and Germany v Slovakia in Lille. We had a great time, so much better to have experiences to remember rather than buying the latest phone etc.


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Even though there weren’t many live games on the telly, mainly due to their being no British teams in it, I loved the 1984 finals due to that fabulous French side.

Platini’s 9 goals in 5 games was a truly incredible stat.

Rt. Hon. Bearman

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Euro 96.

Last time Scotland appeared in a major finals with a decent squad.


England v Germany.

The buzz of having a major tournament on British soil.

Greenisland Bear

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Euro 2004.

From Greece beating Portugal in the opening game to beating the hosts again in the final.

Also taking France out.

Czech Republic coming from 2-0 down to beat Holland 3-2 is also one of the greatest matches I've ever watched.

roaring meg

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France 2016 easily for me. Was in Nice fan zone with GAWA and then travelled by car up to Lyon for Ukraine game. Didn't expect to get through but got a last minute flight over to Paris for the Welsh game in next round and were desparately unlucky not to go through.
Memories of Nice seafront full of Ulstermen were great.