Favourite Football Commentaries

"And there in fact goes the final whistle . And Rangers the Scottish Premier Champions have won the Best of Britain clash. Walter Smith turns and salutes us". Archie McPherson


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Tschabalala’s goal at the South Africa World Cup was pretty good until he ruined it at the end.

“Agueroooooooooooooooooooooo” will always be up there as well.

Neville on Torres (I don’t even know how to write was he was squealing)

The usual rangers ones “helicopter changing direction” “Manchester brace yourselves”

“Is there another twist in the tale, Lovenkrands! Yes there is”


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Sometimes the actual commentary is absolute unoriginal shite, but rendered classic by what it describes, eg the two words, names only;

Arconada . . . . Armstrong!
"Send season's greetings to your BT pal Chris Sutton" Tom Miller to Kevin Thomson after the 1-0 victory against them in December, "I think we've seen the goal that's won the championship" Davie Provan to Ian Crocker after that Edu goal against them in 2010
My favourite is after we lost our first two games against St Mirren and Hibs we went to Parkhead. Trevor Steven is about to take a corner.

"Butcher waits. Theres Butcher! Butcher for Rangers! Five minutes gone and Rangers take the lead! The power, the physique, the heading ability of Terry Butcher exemplified with that tremendous effort. The power beat Pat Bonner"