Favourite pre match catering outside Ibrox ?

Blue Tack

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Do you have a favourite burger van and stick to the same one every other week ? or are you quite random like myself ?

The chippy is always rammed it’s never interested me .

Normally always a double cheeseburger,then weirdly I’ll purchase a bit of chocolate in the stadium and my drink .


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They are all pretty similar. Would be decent if there was a bit of variety like new spurs stadium, only outside
stepson likes to go to McDonalds at Braehead before the game , only thing he'll get from the catering is a coke and even that is minging , worst catering we've had at Ibrox in a long time

Otis Blue

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For Really fresh well made Middle Eastern food , Shawarma grill on paisley Road west is superb. Also on paisley road west the Beirut star the Lebanese restaurant is excellent and very good value. don’t think crap donner kebabs ! The food is great.


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I like the chips from the snack van next to the fan zone . That’s about all I would trust to eat from a snack van .


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Always ask for the BREADED FISH SPECIAL, cooked to order, can't beat it
Before a game? You a gannet? :D

I honestly couldn't eat jack shit in any of the snack vans around the stadium. Smell puts me off.
Just my opinion before anyone gets on my tits. Not in the mood.


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Not a van but thai siam in finnieston for a quick 2 course for £10. That and Ibrox-2 real treats I'm going to miss so much.


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Don’t know how anyone could eat out of snack bars in general one minute they are pouring diesel into a generator the next they are asking you what you want


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Don’t normally get food ore match but did on occasion get a coffee from a very small trailer that did hot drinks and cakes at the back of the Copland Rd, haven’t seen them this season.


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Found it funny that the vans around the stadium have different prices, used to go to the one at the corner of main stand and broomie but now usually visit the one outside the Rangers store. Chips and curry sauce.