Favourite World Cup

Favourite World Cup

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Spain 82 for the football but Italy 90 for me given I was there.

2 week bender despite an alcohol ban on the day of the games


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Mexico 70. The first one I remember. Colour TV. Used to rush home from school to watch the highights which were on about teatime on both channels Great games , great players, Pele, Petras, What a semi final - Italy v West Germany and the best ever final. Orjan Persson was in the Swedish squad which pleased me. Don't think he kicked a ball though.


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Personal highlights

70 & 82 for the brazillian teams.
74 for the dutch team
78 for kempes and the tickertape
86 for maradona doing it almost on his own.
98 for the french team
2010 for the spanish team

Bluenose Rab

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Mexico 1970. That Brazil team remains the best I've ever seen. Never thought, in St Etienne in 1998, that we'd never be in it again , when all we had to do was beat the mighty Morocco. We lost 3-0, my ticket was £350, but what a party we had that night with the Moroccan fans. They knew how to celebrate.


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Italia 90’ Gazza and Pavarotti!! Nessum Dorma !! - I watched just about every game, Scotland broke my heart, i remember watching the final in a hotel in Blackpool !! Haha happy days


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BOb McNab was the Arsenal player who you are thinking about. If I remember correctly he had been one of the last players released from the England squad.
Some absolutely great football was played in 1970.
Yes, thanks. that's the man. As I remember it he was the quieter member of the panel (probably why I forgot his name) and was up against the characters of Dougan, Allison & Crerand.:D


2002 is the first one I can properly remember. The Keane bust up, France going out in the group stage, South Korea getting to the semi, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo being class. The final was a bit of a let down but most of the recent ones have been poor.


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Italia 90 for me, since then apart from France 98 I’ve found most quite boring.


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I think it depends on your age at the time. France 98 for me was an amazing time. Loved every game.

Grigo Yossarian

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That was the last world cup where Brazilian played "their" way. They were sensational, but got caught out by Italy by shocking defending. By far the best team never to win a world cup. Some classic games too, Germany France semi, Italy Germany final. Best ever, no argument from me.
I think the Dutch in 1974 would go close to that Turps.


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I was 9 at the time of Mexico 70, so it's the earliest one I remember and no other since has really lived up to my expectations. First sticker album, a magical Brazil team featuring a player I'd never seen playing before - Pele, the W Germany v Italy semi-final that I was allowed to stay up late to watch, etc, etc.
That semi must have absolutely drained the Italians. Would be I interesting to know how long they had to recover before the final.


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I voted for Spain mainly because I was there my first time abroad travelled from Glasgow to Benalmadena in a bus,gutted the night we got knocked out.
First time I realised how much other clubs fans disliked us, on the way home stayed overnight in France and watched Norniron beat Spain excellent:D
Voted Italia 90, a great tournament let down by a really dull final. I was only 10 but it was the first tournament I really got into.

Grigo Yossarian

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The Brazilians just seem to bounce about the park as if they were made of elastic.
That football they played was just phenomenal.

The first time I watched it I thought that big striker Serginho(?) was a nightmare.

After about 4 watches I realised he was a genius. His off the ball running to create space for Junior & Socrates to run into was just educational for a daft Glasgow guy like me:p

Bianconeri Bear

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USA 94 probably the not the greatest but I was 10 at that point and it was the first one that I remember being properly gripped by start to finish.


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I think that in terms of football ability, and style and quality and grace and elan the Brazilian team of 82 were actually better than the 1970 team. However they blew it against Italy and are not remembered in the same way - and rightly so.
There is a great documentary on it, how the Brazil federation decided they needed to become more European after 82. Still produce superb footballers, but never had a team like that again.

Blue Dunk

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Argentina 78 for me, got caught up in the whole "Allys Army" thing, people in Scotland genuinley beleived we had a chance to qualify, but of course we failed again, still we did have the best goal of the tournament, Archie Gemmills goal against Holland one of the best ever


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Italia 90. I was 9 and it was the first one I properly remember. Had the West Germany top too.

I get the final was poor but Baggio, Schillachi, Gascoigne, Milla etc got me hooked on football.


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Argentina 78 for me, got caught up in the whole "Allys Army" thing, people in Scotland genuinley beleived we had a chance to qualify, but of course we failed again, still we did have the best goal of the tournament, Archie Gemmills goal against Holland one of the best ever
I feel that in most things Scottish its always shite or sugar. By that I mean McLeod has been ridiculed for his pre tournament boasts, however given the squad available where many were amongst the best in a country dominating European football we had every right to be at least optimistic. Remember the Finals contained a mere 16 teams and I would have placed us comfortably in the top half but behind Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Holland, and W. Germany.


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Italia 90 is the first I remember. USA 94 was on at weird times so didn't have the same impact on me.

France 98 probably my favourite, some great games and players. And we had a real interest from a Rangers/Scotland perspective